No surety for rape accused

COURT TODAY BLOCKAn accused man has until Thursday to find another surety after his current one withdrew today.

Ryan Trevor Oneal Belgrave, who is facing two charges before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, returned before acting Magistrate Alliston Seale. He was told by the court that his brother had sent word that he could no longer act as Belgrave’s surety, since he was himself incarcerated.

The mechanic, of Ifill Road, Flagstaff, St Michael, is accused of raping a woman on January 19, 2011 and loitering on her premises on July 2, without being able to offer a reasonable excuse for being there.

Seale advised the accused man to find someone by Thursday who can become his surety for $6 000 bail,
$3 000 on each count. His brother is expected to attend court on that date as well, to officially withdraw.

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