COLUMN – Neesha stirring in song and on cover

High-Note-2Days after its official launch on social media, top recording Christian artist Neesha Woodz’s latest single Fyah Fyah is already burning up the airwaves. Fyah Fyah –– a driving soca groove –– is one of the potential hit tracks from Neesha’s upcoming album, which she wants to launch in August with a major concert.

The song, of course, is written and performed by Neesha, produced by Shawn Layne (Front House Entertainment), mixed by Adrian Odle, and mastered by Walt Mastering BGVS: Alli. I must say the cover of this single has Neesha looking extremely hot and ready to burn with musical appeal.


“If we know that He is a jealous God and we must serve no other God but Him, help me sing . . . ,” Neesha declares in her introduction to the rocking soca piece.

Then she punches the lines of the song, accompanied by a pulsating rhythmic beat as her lyrics explode, and she sings:

Somebody, sing fyah, fyah, fyah!

Ohhhh . . . fyah . . . ’cause Holy Ghost fyah deep down in my soul.

Deep down . . . .

Somebody, sing fyah, fyah, fyah!

Ehhh . . . fyah, fyah to rebuke Satan in Jesus’ name . . . .

This refrain gets you going right upfront, even before she gets to the verses.

But I can’t help commenting on the cover photo. Even if it is just for that one, I imagine, would want to buy the CD,
I have never seen Neesha looking so alluring in a picture before.

Whoever worked on this, should be given a Grammy For Best CD Cover Design. I kid you not.

Meanwhile check out her YouTube video single.

In other happenings, the date for this year’s Barbados Gospelfest is closing in quickly.

The May 23 to 31 series of major events include song, comedy, jazz and praise and worship.

Among the headliners performing are Israel And New Breed, Esther Farinde, Positive, Sherwin Gardiner, Promise, Juel, Ricardo Antonio, Gershwin Lake And Parables, and Neesha.

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