Man who stabbed ex-lover and her mother gives his story

A man who injured a mother and daughter at the Valery high-rise apartment complex days ago admitted doing so before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today.

Shakir Akil Elias Greaves, of Block 9E Division Drive, Eden Lodge, St Michael, pleaded guilty to three of four charges, which were brought against him in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court.

Shakir Akil Elias Greaves

Those were that the 24-year-old painter intentionally destroyed Jalisa Springer’s cellular phone case and assaulted her on May 5 and then unlawfully and maliciously wounded the woman’s mother, Cherral Springer, on May 11.

Greaves denied doing serious bodily harm to Jalisa Springer with intent to maim, disfigure and disable her on May 11.

According to acting Station Sergeant Neville Watson, the accused and Jalisa Springer were in a four-year relationship, which came to an end. Greaves had apparently been accusing the woman of being involved with someone named Angus.

On the day of the incident, Greaves went to Springer’s home and once inside, began questioning her again about the man. He then grabbed her cellular phone and tried searching through it. When that was unsuccessful, he tried to force Springer to unlock the phone, but she refused.

Greaves damaged both the phone and its case, which he threw outside. He also hit the woman in her head several times with his fist, the prosecutor said, before jumping on her. The complainant suffered soft tissue injuries to her forehead and abdomen.

When Magistrate Frederick asked whether the complainant was in court so he could have some idea of the extent of her injuries, the prosecutor said she was hospitalised in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. That hospitalisation did not result from the incident, which Greaves had pleaded guilty to, but a subsequent one.

In relation to the offence involving the mother, the prosecutor said the mother was visiting her daughter when a dispute arose over “Angus” again. Greaves, dissatisfied with the answers from his former girlfriend, attacked the young woman and that is when her mother intervened. The mother received an injury to her jaw.

Mitigating on behalf of the first-time offender, his attorney Oliver Thomas told the court there was “some degree of mistrust” from both parties. He explained that Greaves had informed him that his former girlfriend had accused him of involvement with a female as well.

Thomas added that according to his information, Jalisa Springer hit his client first and he retaliated. Although he damaged the woman’s cellular phone when he tried to leave the premises, her mother intervened and held on to him while the daughter spat in his face.

“His pride and dignity” were sullied, the lawyer said, and that incident seemed to play on his client’s mind, eventually giving rise to the May 11 incident.

Thomas asked the court to be as lenient as possible and reminded the magistrate that Greaves was a first-offender who had turned himself in to police. The attorney asked that probation and community service be considered.

Magistrate Frederick pointed out that the incident was not only serious, but there seemed to be “some progression”, since there had been an incident on May 5 and another a week later.   

“Even if she was your wife, you do not have the right to unleash that type of violence,” Frederick said.

He went on to remark that even though Greaves is a first-time offender, community service was for less serious offences “where a little hard work would make a fellow reflect”, but in this instance, “community service is not proportionate for this type of offence”.

A presentencing report was ordered on Greaves, who returns to court on June 11.

Source: (Sandra Downes)

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  1. George Hinkson
    George Hinkson May 15, 2015 at 1:14 am

    What is given these men the idea that they can put their hands on a woman?

  2. kathy-Ann Clarke May 15, 2015 at 8:39 am

    It would appear both parties need some counselling.


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