Cherry has a change of heart on QEH pickups

A day after the Managing Director of José y José Liquid and Solid Waste Management, Anderson Cherry, told Barbados TODAY that he would no longer be collecting garbage from the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital QEH), the private contractor, who has been at the forefront of protest action against the Government, seems to have had a change of heart.

Yesterday, when he spoke to this newspaper about the ongoing waste haulers and movers protest, Cherry prompted concerns that the medical waste would be piled up at the island’s main health care institution, as the protest action intensified.

However, this morning, the businessman told Barbados TODAY that his company would still be picking up garbage from QEH, as well as the Royal Barbados Police Force and Fire Service.

Interim chairman of the Waste Haulers Association and managing director of Jose y Jose, Anderson Cherry, speaking about the fee.
Anderson Cherry

“So when I made the statement saying the garbage will not be moved today [Wednesday], it was because it isn’t due to be moved until next week Monday,” Cherry sought to clarify today.

“I just want the people of Barbados to know that the hospital waste moves every Monday.

“It is not a problem at the hospital and we will be moving [waste from] the hospital, fire stations that need moving, and the police stations that need moving. We will not be holding any person to ransom. Our duty is to serve this country,” he said.

In a recorded interview yesterday, the interim chairman of the Waste Haulers Association had said: “As from today, there is no more movement [of garbage] at the hospital. We are awaiting Government’s decision on this matter.”

Also yesterday, Minister of Environment Dr Denis Lowe publicly announced that he had instructed the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) to put in an order for the purchasing of skips. Cherry admitted today that if this threat was indeed carried out by the Government, his business would be “greatly affected”.

“It will greatly affect my business when Sanitation purchases these skips and goes into the commercial section. Today will be Jose y Jose, but who will be tomorrow?

“Tomorrow he [Minister Lowe] is going to buy the food vans? Tomorrow he is going to put other people out
of business? How about the lawn guys that cutting grass? What is the plan that Government has for the next man?” Cherry asked.

He also indicated that while some may think he had committed “businessman suicide” by being one of the leaders in the protest action, he was not scared.

“I have two certificates –– my baptism and my birth certificate –– and now I have my death certificate. But I am not scared.  I am standing here with me, all of my supporters and my God. When God is for you, no man is against you. I have it on all of my vehicles, ‘God Bless Fat Child’,” he said.

2 Responses to Cherry has a change of heart on QEH pickups

  1. Tony Webster May 15, 2015 at 5:56 am

    I have long admired this vigourous young Bajan enterprise. But judging from current events, including the “warmth” yesterday emanating from The Belle, one might be forgiven to chance a few random thoughts:-
    Low-hanging fruit? Low-hanging contract? Was the fruit “picked”? Or “pickled”? Or just “singed”?
    Stay Strong, Mr. Cherry. The “Harvest” is yet to come.

  2. Mr Whapax May 15, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Oh dear, look at the back peddling, now. Why should government be underwriting the cost of these persons’ businesses to the Sustainable recycling centre? It seems that a birdie must now have whispered that if you don’t perform your end of the contract, you have breached it. If government was like me, you would roll up and find someone else performing the contract. Just remember, the people that help you buy a big guts horses don’t help you feed it.


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