St George family loses loved one at sea

The mother of a St George man, whose body was found off Browne’s Beach, Lower Bay Street this morning, had an uncanny feeling it was her son before his identity was established.

Standing in her Brighton living room, a grief-stricken Marguerita Sargeant told Barbados TODAY that before she got the tragic news, her motherly instinct told her 47-year-old Roger Rudder, the fifth of her seven children was gone.

Sargeant said she was listening to the radio when she heard that a body had been retrieved from the water and was yet to be identified. The report said the individual was wearing a blue and white short pants, was bald and had a beard.

Sister Jennifer Rudder crying over the loss of her sibling.
Sister Jennifer Rudder crying over the loss of her sibling.

She said when she heard similar news in the past, she would feel sorry for the family’s loss. However, on this occasion, the feeling was deeper than what she had ever experienced before.

“From the time I hear it, my knees buckled and my belly start hurting. And my granddaughter, she come and she hold me and I say ‘I feel it is Roger that them pull a body from the water’. I tell she to go long and call Jennifer [daughter].

The late Roger Rudder.
The late Roger Rudder.

“Jennifer come and I tell she I hear them now pull a body from the water and I feel it is Roger. I say ‘Jennifer I ain’t like how I feel.’ Jennifer say mummy you are going to send up your pressure, it ain’t Roger,” she said.

The mother said her daughter then called a relative, who is a policeman, and was told that the body had been identified.  “Then Jennifer turn and tell me ‘mummy you see now it ain’t Roger. They say somebody identified the body.’

With the deceased’s father, Grafton, standing nearby, she said the phone then rang and Jennifer went outside. When she came back in, she said “Mummy, it is Roger. Carlson who is a next brother is who call she and tell she it is Roger”.

Roger was identified at the scene by a cousin who went to take a glimpse at the body as it lay covered on the sand.

“If Roger come home on evenings and I’m in my bed, he would come in my bedroom and ask me if I’m not feeling good. He would ask me if I want a cup of tea and go and make it,” the grieving mother said. “If he come home, see I ain’t cook, he would go and wash he hand and go and put on the saucepan and cook something. Then when he done, he would say ‘mummy, come and eat something’.

The elderly woman said she last saw her son last night after he had made some bakes for the family. Then, this morning, she heard when he was leaving home around 5:30 to catch the bus to make his way to beach, as he would do every Sunday and Tuesday morning.

“He did everything that good. When all them did live home here and the rest out working and he ain’t working, when them come home everybody clothes done wash and put up neat,” she told Barbados TODAY.

Another family member could be heard in the background saying: “He was the best person in this family and I don’t know who going to replace he.”

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death.


4 Responses to FATAL SWIM

  1. Rosanna Vaughn
    Rosanna Vaughn May 13, 2015 at 1:29 am

    R.I.P Roger, you always made me smile and was a nice man. God indeed has a new angel.

  2. bajansmile May 13, 2015 at 7:47 am

    I met him by waiting by the bus stop..He seemed very pleasant!! I am in shock:(

    • bajansmile May 13, 2015 at 7:48 am

      My condolence to the family and friends.

  3. Natalie I May 14, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    Only those who truly knew him know the heartache. RIP friend


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