Primary schools netball scores

Today’s scores in the Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s Primary Schools Netball Competition:

St. Gabriel’s ‘B’ 2, Westbury Primary 1

Westbury Primary 2, St. George Primary ‘B’ 1

LT Gay Primary 1, St Gabriel’s ‘B’ 0

St Mary’s Primary 3, LT Gay Primary 0

George Lamming Primary 8, St George Primary ‘B’ 0

Grantley Prescod Primary 6, St Ambrose Primary 1

Grantley Prescod Primary 9, Bay Primary 0

St. Lawrence Primary 2, Bay Primary 0

St. Lawrence Primary 9, St. Angela’s 0

St. Ambrose 1, St. Gabriel’s ‘A’ 0

St Angela’s 4, People’s Cathedral 2

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