Scrap it!

Waste movers and haulers are calling on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to come to their immediate rescue, following the recent introduction of a $25 garbage disposal fee at the Barbados Sustainable Recycling Centre at Vaucluse, St Thomas

The operators say the so-called tipping fee poses a serious threat to the survival  of their businesses and are appealing to the Prime Minister to have it scrapped.

Today, members of the Waste Haulers Group parked their trucks just across  from the Warrens, St Michael offices of the Ministry of the Environment, in protest against the recent move by Government.



Spokesman for the group Anderson Cherry complained that  since the introduction of the fee on May 4, nearly a half dozen small businesses had already collapsed.

Cherry, who is the interim chairman, also warned that some of the larger operations were now in jeopardy after they were forced to pay out more than $50 000 in tipping fees within the first week.

He said the haulers, many of whom had met with Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe on the first day the fee took effect last week,  were finding it very difficult to meet the requirement for upfront payments.

Cherry said they were now at the point of writing the Prime Minister to seek his intervention on the matter, which they said will impact adversely on the hotel industry.

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