Serious accident at Welches

Fire officials last night used the Jaws of Life to free two people from a motor car after it collided with a Suzuki Vitara at Welches, St Michael.

The injured were taken to hospital by ambulance following the accident, which occurred just before midnight.

Further details as they come to hand.

The scene of the accident, near the Welches Post Office.


There were also reports of accidents at St Matthias, Christ Church and near the bottom of University Hill. However, no details are available at this time.

4 Responses to Serious accident at Welches

  1. jr smith May 10, 2015 at 7:00 am

    When is something going to be done. to prevent this stupidness, what is the police , insurance companies and the politicians doing to stop this madness.
    This is from speeding, or unroad worthy vehicles, are these imported vehicles, coming with proper tested certificates.
    When these imports arrive they should be tested before they are put on the roads in barbados.
    Eventually if nothing is done insurance companies will go broke and that will happen sooner than later.
    This is part of the economy and this is screwed up, because what it cost to replace vehicles, 99% of the time the cars are total write offs. Could this be persons who are driving without licenses and insurance.

  2. Tony Waterman May 10, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    @Jr smith!!!!!how cam anyone prevent “”Stupidness”” that’s not possible.
    what i dont understand after looking at this posted Picture, is how can two relatively NEW Vehicles be this completely destroyed, in a collision near the Welches road post Office, it’s a mini Twisted Maze there, nowhere there to drive that fast to have damage like this, i’m mistified by this one.
    The Vehicles we know are not Manufactured to the same specs as those going to The USA, Canada,The UK and the EU, but if they are driven according to the existing road conditions in Barbados, including at the POSTED Speed Limits, there should not be Collisions like these occouring and so frequently.
    Why??? is he going to drive all the cars in Barbados, he can only do so much, the drivers have to bear their share of the Problem.
    i wish them all well.

  3. jr smith May 11, 2015 at 5:56 am

    @T,W, i made a comment , weeks ago, about these said vehicles, as to your comment, and you look back at the last half a dozen accidents, they all look the same,as if the cars had passed through a crusher.
    Drivers and passengers who survive these accidents, are ever so lucky. none of vehicles are repairable.
    I noticed reading the Jamaican gleaner, the cars look the same in accidents on that island.
    I visit Barbados sometimes 4 times a year ,business matters and with friends always discussing the vehicle accident situation, I was told, the imported cars , were recondition standard manufactured vehicles, so if this is not the case, in a way they are really imported
    death traps. I may be blasted for saying this ,but look at the accident record over the past year. Frighting.

  4. Watchman May 11, 2015 at 9:28 am

    @ Smith and Waterman,
    Reconditioned cars in Bim were initially manufactured for the domestic market of Japan. Let’s ignore that plenty of these cars are 20 plus years old like the B13 Sentra/Sunny above and continue to spout ignorance and nonsense.
    @ Waterman it’s a maze there , nowhere to drive fast there ??
    Really sir ?
    Isn’t it straight from the lights by Welches and Government Hill to the Post Office ?
    Let me guess, that’s not enough distance for the “degenerate” cars imported to Barbados to achieve and exceed the speed limit right ?
    Completely ignoring that a head on collision with both vehicles at the speed limit is the same as a single vehicle impact at 120 km/h.
    The two of you seem to wear blindfolds and blinkers all the time.

    @ Smith, insurance companies will go broke , so what ?
    Are you a share holder, 2 of you both want tow truck operators, the used parts men, bodywork men and undertakers to go broke. Where I live there were 2 fatal accidents in 16 hours last weekend. But wait, I live in Canada and we know that unlike Barbados vehicles there are manufactured to amazing safety specs and all have top notch safety ratings. Yet in the capital of the land no less, 2 road fatalities from vehicle collisions.

    “Drivers and passengers who survive these accidents, are ever so lucky. none of vehicles are repairable.”

    Recall the accident on the ABC highway by the corn vendor, I guess the Ford Explorer pick up was not involved in the accident then. You know, the one with the 25 year old Nissan March that you thought should meet today’s standards, completely ignoring the fact that you saw the car AFTER the firemen chopped it up.


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