Mother’s ex-boyfriend must pay for ‘scuffling’ with toddler

COURT TODAY BLOCKIn May 2006, Jason Randolph Bourne was playing with a three-year-old child who got injured in the process.

The 30-year-old subsequently pleaded guilty to inflicting serious bodily harm on the boy and was ordered to pay $1 000 in compensation to the child’s mother.

When the Parish Land, Christ Church man went before Justice Randall Worrell today, he was given a final date of July 10 to come up with $1 000 owed.

For the second time this year, Bourne’s attorney Ajamu Boardi told the court that things were hard with his client since the construction industry in which he works has slowed.

The facts were that the mother left home, leaving the child in Bourne’s care. He was her boyfriend at the time.

Results from an examination showed that the child’s collarbone was broken in two places. He spent two weeks in the hospital as a result.

Bourne gave a statement, which outlined how he and the child had been “scuffling rough” on the bed, but after the child complained of pain in the shoulder, they stopped playing.

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