Cheyne Jones out front and center

Last year he did something most people can merely dream of.

Cheyne Jones stood front and center on a calypso stage, watching as his self-penned song ‘Still My Home’ led Ian Webster to the Calypso Monarch title.

Now this year, Cheyne, a writer, is here to prove it was no fluke and that he’s no one-hit wonder either.

The future is bright for the sports journalist turn song writer.
The future is bright for the sports journalist turn song writer.

Putting his pen to paper, Cheyne is ready and already has 15 songs ready for this Crop Over.

“I can’t even remember the exact number. Alone and along with my writing partner Ian Webster the number is probably around 15 song,” he said.

And Cheyne knows and understands that there is added pressure to do well again this year.

Cheyne hard at work.
Cheyne hard at work.

“This year I guess there is a bit of pressure to prove that last year was no fluke but it’s good pressure…I am working three times as hard as last year because I am determined to keep learning and getting better,” he said with a laugh but also with a sense of determination.

This year, he has worked with a number of artists including Ian, Mikey, T.C, Faith Callender, Donella Miguel, Salt and Queen T just to name a few.

He told Bajan Vibes that it was a dream come true being able to write for so many well-known artists, especially TC, who he has always looked up too.

“From a very young age I’ve always enjoyed TC’s commentaries, so working with her as a writer and a fan was great,” the youthful writer added.

But Cheyne, who is best known for his work as a sports reporter at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, knows the importance of learning from the great ones who came before and he has had the enviable opportunity of getting first hand advice from one of the most successful calypsonians of all time.

“I had the pleasure of some writing sessions with Red Plastic Bag. I was honored to work with him and learned so much from him in a short time,” he said proudly.

Write Cheyne Jones with calpson veteran RPB.
Write Cheyne Jones with calpson veteran RPB.

So with added determination and a strong love for soca, Cheyne is cautioning Bajans and fellow soca lovers to expect relevance and vibes.

He said he expects this year to be even better musically.

“I thought the 2014 festival was fantastic musically. If the music is better it’s going to be an awesome Crop Over, so I sure hope so!,” he said.

He added that he is pleased to see so many young artists getting into the industry and he even offered some advice.

“Yes a lot of young people are getting involved and I must commend people like Blood who are working with them year after year. My advice would be to listen and observe as much as you can and then see where you can implement that knowledge to better yourself,” Cheyne pointed out.

“There is no shame in learning from those who have done it already.”

Cheyne with two kings, RPB (centre) and Ian Webster.
Cheyne with two kings, RPB (centre) and Ian Webster.

And yes he has a few surprises up his sleeve, but we will all have to wait and see because Cheyne isn’t letting anything out the bag.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it,” he said with a chuckle.

But sadly, as much as we would like to see this ever-cute sports presenter behind a mic and dropping a few lyrics, according to Cheyne ‘it’s not going to happen.’

“You would see me behind the mic if I’m in the studio with an artist and the producer asks me to do a mic check,” he added.

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