Please come home!

St Thomas mother hoping and praying for son’s safe return

Marsha Burton is fearful that the worst may have happened to her son, Javan, who has been missing since Monday.

Holding on to the plastic covering her dining table for comfort, the 46-year-old mother told Barbados TODAY that her biggest fear is that the 21-year-old youth was being held against his will, his life may have been taken, or he has harmed himself.

“I just don’t know but just those two things are on my mind right now,” she said, struggling to get the words out of her mouth.

It was around 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning when Burton last saw Javan before he left their Cane Garden Park, St Thomas home. He was wearing a white t- shirt, a black ¾ length cargo pants, and pair of black rubber slippers. He also had a red and grey Northface bag.

Missing is Javen Devere Burton.
Missing is Javen Devere Burton.

She said two nephews reportedly saw him on that same day, at two different times, in Bridgetown.

Burton said Javan had not tried to contact her and each time she had called his cellular phone, it had gone to voicemail.

She said the only place he usually went when spending time away from home, was to his father’s house in Windsor, Christ Church. However, she said his father, brother or other residents from that area had not seen him.

Marsha Burton is praying that her son Javan Devere Burton safely returns home.

“I would like my son to come home. I would like to hear his voice. I would like at least for him to contact somebody and say that he is okay.

“I would want for somebody to call and say they have seen him and he is well and that he is in good health. Anything beyond that, if it is that he needs help, can come after,” she said in a soft-spoken voice.

Tears forming in her tired-looking eyes, the registered nurse said since the mysterious disappearance of her child, she had tried to bury herself in work.

She said she was having sleepless nights, constant headaches and experiencing a loss of appetite.

There was also much tension in the household as her older daughter, and younger son worry about their sibling.

Burton said Javan was known to be a quiet individual who only spoke when prompted to. She said most of his time was spent watching television.

“He didn’t socialize much and never went to parties or anything. He wasn’t depressed. He was just into himself. It is this [bad habit] that has changed his life,” she said, while refusing to go into detail.

“He wasn’t reaching out to me for help. I am the one, from the time I found out, that would go to him and tell him ‘it is not a good habit and I don’t like it’.

Javen Devere Burton is 6’4” in height, slim build, and has an oval face. He has short black hair to the top of his head and the sides are bald. He has a large nose, thick lips and speaks with a light voice. His right eye is brown and his left eye is bluish grey, according to the description given by police.

He frequents the Vault Road, Welshman Hall, St Thomas and the Bobby’s Lane, St Michael communities. Anyone with information relative to his whereabouts is asked to contact the emergency number 211, or the nearest police station.

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  1. Eudene Todd May 8, 2015 at 12:46 am

    Hope he is found safe and sound


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