Job of Nation journalist now in peril

The burglary case against Nation journalist Timothy McDonald Slinger has been adjourned until June 17.

Slinger reappeared before acting Magistrate Alliston Seale in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today, where he pleaded not guilty to the offence two weeks ago.

Nation journalist Timothy McDonald Slinger

Slinger, 62, resides at Bartletts Tenantry Road, Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church.

He is charged with entering De Diva Hype Bar sometime between March 10 and April 15 and stealing liquor worth $2,361 belonging to Jacqueline Proverbs.

The items included 139 beers, 15 bottles of brandy, 12 bottles of whiskey, four bottles of vodka, 13 bottles of wine and two bottles of Irish whiskey.

On the last occasion, one of Slinger’s attorneys, Ralph Thorne Q.C., told the court that the matter arose out of a dispute between landlord, Gay “Doc” Brome, and his tenant who was in arrears, and Slinger was assisting him.

The senior lawyer also said he expected the matter to be settled.

However, when he returned to court today, Thorne said the complainant could not be found so there had been no resolution to the matter. He therefore asked the court’s assistance in summoning the woman.

Thorne also mentioned that the employment of the accused was “now in peril” due to the “baseless complaint” of the woman, against whom he said he was in the process of bringing a matter for “malicious prosecution”.

Sergeant Neville Reid assured the court that he would make efforts to find the complainant.

Slinger continues on $5,000 bail.

Andrew Pilgrim Q.C. and Ezra Alleyne also appeared on Slinger’s behalf on the last occasion.

Don Winfield Harper, 27, of Richmond Gap, St Michael, is also charged with the same offence.

2 Responses to Job of Nation journalist now in peril

  1. Sharon Woolley
    Sharon Woolley May 7, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Most people accused of theft would lose their job, why should he be any different ? and where did she get all that drink ??

  2. dave May 7, 2015 at 11:52 pm

    Tim Slinger is a Top Dog! Fire ? who ? what ? where ?


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