Teenager jailed for three months

COURT TODAY BLOCKA teenager was sentenced to three months in jail after admitting that he entered a woman’s property after being forbidden by her to do so.

Kirt O’Neal Washington, of Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St Michael, pleaded guilty in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Constable Andrew Henry told the court that the complainant Kim Hutchinson knew Washington, who has been going to her house to ask for bottles since last year.

Last August, he asked her for $5, she refused and he left. Since then, he returned to the property and broke bottles in her driveway.

He was arrested and charged.

However, after leaving custody, he returned to Hutchinson’s home and left a copy of his charge there, under a stool.

He also threatened to knock down any of the occupants of the house if he saw them.

On May 1, the 19-year-old returned to the Hutchinson’s residence again asking for money. She told him to leave.

He did so but returned with a spliff in his mouth and a knife in one hand as he stood outside cursing her. He later crossed the road and pulled down his pants at the woman.

Questioned by the court about his behaviour today, Washington said his mother died eight years ago, he sometimes did not see his father and sometimes his brothers had nothing to share with him. He also said he never had a knife that day.

Admitting that things were hard for him, he said he either sold bottles or asked for money to survive. When asked how the charge sheet got by the complainant’s home, Washington said he did not know.

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