‘Good’ exam; a few maths challenges

It was a case of same script, different cast at various centres in the north at the end of the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination today. The hundreds of students exiting the different schools all gave the same verdict.

Whether they loved English or mathematics, they said that overall the exam was “good”, but the maths’ Section C was the most difficult, many referring to the final two questions in particular.

These students gave their feedback on this morning's exam.
These students gave their feedback on this morning’s exam.

Tiana Boyce, of All Saints Primary, said the final two questions puzzled her quite a bit.

“Some questions were simple, but others were challenging at times,” Tiana said, adding she hoped to go to The St Michael School.

Daniel Babb, of Boscobel Primary School, said a few of the maths questions required him to go into overdrive.

“The exam was good. It had a few challenging questions that required me to think harder; but I think I did well. Overall it was a good exam; it wasn’t that hard to me,” Daniel said.

Shavonte Johnson, also of Boscobel Primary, found the mathematics test challenging.

“I think the maths was very hard. They were a few questions I honestly thought were too hard,” Shavonte said.

But the verdict on the English paper was much different.

“It was really easy. I got through well. The composition was good too. I wrote about The Most Talented Person,” Shante Leslie, of All Saints Primary, said.

It was smooth sailing for the Roland Edwards Primary and Gordon Greenidge Primary students who took the exam at The Alexandra School. They could not wait to run off to their various after-exam activities.

A Gordon Greenidge trio, relaxing in Chefette, Speightstown, afterwards, said the examination was “good but had a few challenging questions”.

The consensus among the northern students though was: “We are glad its over!”

A good few students were heard shouting for joy, breathing sighs of relief, and offering thanks to God the exam was now behind them.

Anxious parents, nervous teachers and other edgy well-wishers were not to be left out of the Secondary School Entrance Examination drama, as they sat expectantly on many a bench secured from inside the schools, or in lounge chairs brought from home, passing the time as they awaited their charges’ return.

A few parents expressed frustration about having to leave their children at the gates, but most agreed the school authorities must have good reason for the decision.

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