‘I am not a threat’, declares robbery accused

COURT TODAY BLOCKAn accused man complained to acting Magistrate Alliston Seale today that he has been remanded for two years and four months and has never seen any of the complainants in his eight matters show up for court.

Henderson LeVere Roberts went on to say that it is “the job of the prosecutor to summons complainants”.

The accused was before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

“I am not a threat to society. . . I don’t have matters in every jurisdiction in Buhbadus,” he stressed.

Roberts, 29, added that the High Court had granted him bail on the same matters in the sum of “a hun’red grand, one surety” but his surety had not yet signed.

Magistrate Seale stated his position on the matter which was that as far as he was concerned, “a complainant does not have to come here on each and every occasion to sometimes sit here for hours waiting.”

“That is frustrating,” he explained to Roberts, “and I don’t want people to get frustrated to the point where they no longer have an interest in the matter. When the prosecutor is ready to proceed, he will call the complainants . . . . There are feelings of anger and sometimes hurt and they don’t need to go through that every time.”

However, Seale instructed the prosecutor, Sergeant Neville Reid, to contact each complainant so they could indicate whether they were still interested in pursuing their matter.

Roberts is accused of robbing Henderson Blenman, Veronica Gittens, David Gittens and Maria Solomon of a number of items, as well as stealing a chain belonging to Vanroy Clarke and a bag, cellular phone and Bible from Marjorie Roach. His last charge is for having a wig and a dress for use in connection with the intent to commit robbery.

The offences were allegedly committed between June 22 and August 24, 2012.

Roberts was returned to HMP Dodds on remand.

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