Oh, walk with me for OTT!

I love to walk. I try to walk as frequently as possible; as fast as possible; to as far as possible. When I found out last year that the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) had organized a walking contest –– 10,000 steps a day for 100 days –– as part of its health programme, I happily joined the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s team. I logged in over  4.7 million steps in the 100 days to emerge as the top male.

Johnson Johnrose
Johnson Johnrose

I have entered the contest again this year as part of the CTO team. I’ve also decided to support an organization –– Operation Triple Threat (OTT) –– a development performing arts programme for children and youth between the ages of seven and 21. OTT does an outstanding job teaching these children to sing, dance and act, providing an avenue for the youth to engage each other, teaching them skills and helping to build their confidence, while keeping them off the streets or from potential mischief.

Every year, they put on a production to show the public what the children had been working on.

I was introduced to OTT just over a year ago, ahead of their production. I had an opportunity to see them work and to view the show. I was impressed with the work they had done, but also realized they had little support.

Therefore, I decided that I would walk around Barbados this year in support of OTT. And, I undertake this journey tomorrow, Saturday, April 25.

I encourage everyone, whether you live in Barbados or not, to support this invaluable programme by contributing. You may send funds via Paypal to info.operationtriplethreat@gmail.com. If you’re not comfortable with Paypal, send a cheque made payable to Operation Triple Threat, or contact Janelle Headley at (246) 622-1697 or mobile (246) 829-7243.

Also, please spread the word via social media and ask your friends to do the same. The Hashtags are #Walk4OTT and #166 for the 166 square miles that is Barbados.

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