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With Crop Over right around the corner, Krave The Band is “definitely ready”. And, the band, in its second year, is advising revellers to expect “an experience of a lifetime”. Bandleader Avery Hackett told Bajan Vibes that after last year’s resounding achievement, the Kadooment band had no choice but to return.

Bandleader Avery Hackett
Bandleader Avery Hackett

“Our Krave 2014 VIP concept was a raving success. The entire band was sold out in less than four weeks, and the VIP section in less than two. This was a great indication that Barbados was definitely ready for a change.

“The VIP Lounge came equipped with a deejay station, chef station, and premium bar with professional bartenders and cocktail servers. Our VIP revellers were able to sample an array of exotic foods that included shrimp, lobster and salmon, and pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, wines and daiquiris. You name a quality product and we provided it.

“This display of beautiful costumes and quality road service earned us second place in the Fantasy category last year,” Hackett said.

This year, Krave is offering much more, with its mission to increase visitors to Barbados.

“. . . We are ready to really expand our mission of growing Barbados carnival by encouraging more tourists from USA to visit Barbados and experience our culture. This time we are aiming to be No. 1 across the board,” Hackett stressed.

Krave will be launching its 2015 designs on May 2 at 37 Clermont Terrace, St James. Twenty-two of the 36 models will be representing the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago and St Vincent. And a star-studded line-up will also be on hand to create even more excitement and give revellers a sneak peek at what to expect on the road come August 3.

“ . . . We will also have celebrities strutting their stuff on our runways. Miss Universe Jamaica (Kaci Fennell) and Rob Riley of VH1’s Hit The Floor are sure to bring the house down as they showcase some of the most elaborate costumes to hit Barbados yet. We also have planned a special guest appearance by Lyrical, who will be performing Cloud 9,” the bandleader said.

Kaci Fennell
Kaci Fennell
Rob Riley
Rob Riley

Hackett added that for him and his partner Tracy Boyce, having the band was all about pride.

“My fiancée and co-owner Tracy and I are both Bajans. We both left here when we were in second form and we met some eight years ago right here during Crop Over. So right here you can see why it’s so close to our hearts that this festival continues to grow and expand.”

It is also about “giving back”.

“. . . We both had the experience of continuing our education in America, and we understand the importance of a great education. We both always said that if we were ever in a position to give back then we would at a drop of a dime. Well, that time is now.

“We have teamed up with Today’s Touch, a community outreach programme by Barbados TODAY, to donate 30 tablets as part of our Technology Enrichment Programme to one lucky school. Over the next three years we will continue to donate cutting-edge technology equipment to the same school with the idea of developing a technology centre within that particular school . . . . The total investment in this school should be a minimum of $30,000.

“Our goal is to create a new technology lab every three years for as long as Krave The Band is in existence. We are proud to be Bajans and have made a commitment to do our part in the growth of our island and the educational advancement of our youth,” Hackett explained, adding that Krave was not just a band; “it’s an experience”.

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