No progress on Parkinson, Alma Parris

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) President Pedro Shepherd today declared that he would not be “wasting any of his energy” on the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School and the Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School, unless some serious issue arises at these two Government-run educational institutions.

Pedro Shepherd
BUT president Pedro Shepherd

“I have almost given up on the two schools. I think the Ministry of Education has no plans of doing anything until July this year.

“They said they were going to do an inspection at Parkinson School from January to July and put a plan of action in place at the Alma Parris School from January to July,” Shepherd told Barbados TODAY when asked to provide an update on the situation at the schools, which were the subject of recent protest action by teachers.

However, he disclosed that the BUT would shortly be taking a poll of members on the marking of Student Based Assessment (SBA) papers and other related matters.

The findings will be presented at a conference of the umbrella Caribbean Union of Teachers scheduled to be held in Dominica from August 3-5 this year.

Shepherd was returned unopposed at the recently held elections for a new executive.“We are going to send out a questionnaire to the schools to get from our members their say on the SBA and other related matters. This will be done so that we can have that unified position to take to Dominica for the CUT meeting,” he said.

Both the BUT and Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU), along with all other CUT units, are being requested to bring a union and country position on the SBA issue.

Responding to a query on the BUT’s show of solidarity with the BSTU on the issue of compensation for marking SBA scripts and projects, Shepherd said: “Collaboration with the BSTU is very much ongoing. We have just given support in principle to the compensation issue, but there are a number of other issues that we will be discussing during this year as well.”

Shepherd said the first order of business for the new executive would be to seek a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Education in an attempt to improve relations which have deteriorated over the last year or two.

The appointment of temporary teachers is also high on the agenda.

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