Joint leaders in draughts tourney

There are joint leaders in the masters and majors of what is proving to be an intensely competitive Henderson Layne Draughts Tournament.

The half-way stage finds Cedric Fields in exceptional form with 15 points and an unbeaten record, while Junior “Post” Waldron is also unbeaten, on 13 points. Fields has had three wins and two draws while the mailman Waldron has racked up wins against Michael Barker (1-0) and Darwin Lorde (1-0). He is also unbeaten.

Junior 'Post' Waldron
Junior ‘Post’ Waldron

But Barker, who is showing good form and Nathaniel Grosvenor, 11 points each, as well as Lorde and Julian Burgess, on 10 each, are still very much in the reckoning. Barker was awarded a 1-0 victory over Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke Sunday after the referee was required to make a ruling on an incomplete game in which Barker had a winning position.

In the majors division the action is tough as nails, with Kent Lane, the B class champion and Everton Wiggins unbeaten and joint leaders with 14 points. Owen “Bamm” Forde is next with 13 points while Edward Moore, Mark Barnett, Michael Weekes, Hascoll Trotman and Carl David are all locked on 13 points.

The majors competition resumes tomorrow at Best Road
at 7 p.m. while the masters will resume at the same venue and time on Wednesday.

There are 12 players in the masters category and 15 in the majors division.

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