Drug addict admits to assault

Magistrate orders man back to the mental until May 12

COURT TODAY BLOCKRico Akeem Hepburn admitted to a Bridgetown Court that he assaulted Ron Hazell yesterday. However, it was all in an effort to prevent him from ending up like he did.

Hepburn, 23, is from Gills Road, Roebuck Street, St Michael.

Although he agreed that he slapped the complainant, Hepburn did not agree with the facts which prosecutor, Sergeant Neville Reid, presented.

Reid told the District ‘A’  Magistrates’ Court that Hazell was walking along Country Road, St Michael when Hepburn asked him for some money. He refused to give him and after Hepburn’s persistence, Hazell told him that he should look for a job to support his young son.

Hepburn then asked Hazell if he was threatening his son and slapped him in the face. Hazell told Hepburn it would not end there and Hepburn threatened to slap him a second time.

Hepburn denied those details.

According to the self-confessed drug addict, he went into “the dope hole to smoke dope” and he saw Hazell, who is his cousin, there.

“Big man, wuh you doing?” Hepburn said he asked Hazell. He then slapped the drug out of his hand.

“Dah is my little cousin…he is 19,” Hepburn told the court.

In trying to determine what to do with Hepburn, the acting magistrate reminded him that if he really wanted to be helped, it could not be like the last occasion when he refused to go into the residential rehabilitation programme at the Psychiatric Hospital.

Hepburn reminded the magistrate that that was because he would not have been able to interact with his young son, so he preferred the walk-in programme. Today he was willing to abide by whatever the magistrate recommended.

Seale ordered Hepburn to return to the Black Rock institution until May 12.

“You are too far gone to be a walk-in. You have to be in residential care. You have to get serious about your health,” he advised.

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