World – Cricketer dies in mishap

KOLKATA –– Twenty-year-old cricketer Ankit Keshri has died after colliding with a teammate during a match in India.

Ankit Keshri
Ankit Keshri

Keshri and a fellow player are believed to have collided together while both went for a high catch during a match in Kolkata. The former captain of Bengal’s under-19 state team, was only on the field as a substitute fielder.

The youngster was resuscitated by a teammate after briefly losing consciousness, and was later taken to hospital, where his condition was initially stable.

However, Keshri suffered a cardiac arrest around midnight last night and passed away early this morning.

The tragic death comes four months after Australia batsman Phil Hughes died after being struck on the neck with a ball.

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  1. Dougal Bascombe April 21, 2015 at 10:40 am

    I have seen far too many collisions and near misses recently in the attempts by fielders to take those high balls. Do they not call, loudly, who is going for the catch? That was the practice when I played. There still were some close calls but in many years of playing and watching cricket at all levels the current situation seems to be worse and more dangerous.
    Coaches need to act now to avoid another tragedy like this one.


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