CARIFTA Spotlight – Elizabeth Williams

It was the first year at CARIFTA for Elizabeth Williams and it was the ultimate treat for this up and coming athlete.

“I was so excited. Last year I had trained hard but I did not make the team so this was great,” she said.

carifta-elizabeth_0511The shy Christ Church Foundation Secondary School student admits that athletics was not a natural love but after a while she couldn’t resist the track.

“I started at 12 . . . My mom persuaded me to try it because her niece used to run, but between 15/16 I started to get serious.”

Her favourite event is the 3,000m and she walked away from the newly christened Kim Collins National Athletic Stadium with the bronze medal, after her team mate Mary Fraser clinched gold in the event.

Williams, who also ran the 1500m, placed fourth. She was hoping for a better showing but she in no way feels defeated and is already eyeing next year’s championship.

“I learnt that that latter part of the race is when I should have the most energy to kick home, so next time I will put that into practice.

“I was pleased to an extent.  I believe I should have done better but it was the first time and I am looking forward to doing better next year,” she said.

Williams, who declares her coach Samuel Garnes “the best coach ever”, says it takes dedication, perseverance and hard work to be an athlete and she intends to represent Barbados at the Olympics one day.

“I’ll put God first and work hard and once I believe in myself, eventually I’ll win.”

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