Brawl over man

Quarrel between women ends in violence

COURT TODAY BLOCKA 49-year-old cleaner pleaded guilty to unlawfully and maliciously wounding Arlene Whyte yesterday. But in the end, Magistrate Douglas Frederick described it all as “a big misunderstanding”.

Bernadette Patricia Wilson, of League Gap, Passage Road, St Michael, did so in the District ‘A’ Magistraes’ Court today.

According to police facts, Wilson hit Whyte after she turned up by her boyfriend Mervin Taitt’s shop and saw her there with him.

Today Wilson insisted that Whyte had in fact hit her first Wilson said she went to her boyfriend’s shop to get her keys from him and when she arrived, she saw a woman standing next to him. She did not know who the woman was, after she asked her boyfriend for her keys, an argument started.

She then told Whyte to “get her own man” and the woman took up a hammer from the man’s workshop and hit her on her arm. She also struck her in one eye.

She hit the woman on her forehead as well, she said, adding that she and Taitt were together for three to                      four years.

“I don’t know what it is that she hit me in my face,” Wilson continued.

When magistrate Frederick asked whether Taitt was present, he identified himself.

In addressing the court, he explained that Whyte came by his workshop asking if he knew of someplace to live. He then told her to leave her number with him and to put it into his phone. That was when his girlfriend showed up and saw Whyte with the gadget.

“She got the impression that me and the lady in something but we ain’t in anything.”

He said he intervened to stop the fight “because I love Bernadette,” Taitt stressed.

The magistrate said he hoped Taitt loved her enough “to compensate this other lady” but before that, $250 in costs needed to be paid to the court in one week, or Whyte would spend a week in prison.

Taitt said he would take care of it. No conviction was recorded against Wilson.

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