Next Payday here and going!

The wait is finally over. And it’s time for another Payday. And who doesn’t love paydays?

Last weekend, Bajan Vibes had the privilege of attending a private screening of Next Payday, which hit theatres today. Many specially invited guests turned out to the Sea Rocks Dome for the highly anticipated film, to see what Romie and Pack and the other villagers of Pikletons had been up to since we last saw them.

Viewers taking in the private screening of Next Payday.
Viewers taking in the private screening of Next Payday.
Minister Richard Sealy (centre) and musician  Nicholas Brancker (right) were in attendance.
Minister Richard Sealy (centre) and musician Nicholas Brancker (right) were in attendance.
Shamkoe Pile of BGIS (left) having a chat with fellow guests.
Shamkoe Pile of the Barbados Government Information Service (left) having a chat with fellow guests.

Romie and Pack go through hell and high water trying to secure the garage after missing the payment deadline, and Gus gives the property away to the church. Romie also has added problems, as he has to deal with the heavily pregnant Latisha, whom he does not really have any liking for. Pack also finds a new love interest.

But we won’t be giving much away; it’s one of those movies you just have to see for yourself.

What I will say, though, this new movie is filled with many twists and turns, and many jokes to keep you laughing and falling out of your chairs throughout the entire screening.

Next Payday, the second movie of the Payday trilogy, also saw several new additions to the original cast including, Patrick Foster, Jherad Alleyne, Carla Springer, Joyann Skeete and George Gill, among others.

The original Payday, screened to sell-out cinema audiences in Barbados for 13 consecutive weeks, was subsequently awarded Best Full-Length Feature Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Script at the inaugural Barbados Visual Media Awards 2014.

Ricky Redman, one of the directors of Bajans In Motions (BIM), the producers of the movie, said at the screening he was very pleased with the movie and the hard work of the cast and crew.

The Bajans In Motion team Ricky Redman, Selwyn Browne  and Shakirah Bourne at the movie Next Payday screening.
The Bajans In Motion team Ricky Redman, Selwyn Browne and Shakirah Bourne at the movie Next Payday screening.

Redman is convinced there is a future for the film industry in Barbados.

“The fact that BIM has been in operation for less than two years and has already successfully completed three full-feature movies is proof that Barbadian film-makers are very capable of establishing a film industry right here in Barbados. We are already creating, managing, producing and marketing Barbadian films for local and international audiences to enjoy,” he said.

Next Payday will be screened at the Olympus Cinema in the coming weeks, having been started today РР with two shows daily at 7:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.

So, producers, directors, cast and crew, take a bow for another job well done!

And do I daresay I am ready for Part 3?

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