Time to think

Robber gets three years in prison to reflect on actions

COURT TODAY BLOCKOver the past four years, Kirk Douglas Francis robbed and stole, taking from parrots to cellular phones to bicycles from their rightful owners, including a family member.

Today, the 34-year-old unemployed man decided to throw in the towel and plead guilty to four robberies, seven thefts, and one assault committed between June 2011 and April 7 this year.

Francis, who lives at Alkins Land, Eagle Hall, St Michael, stole two cellular phones from his cousin and snatched a tablet from Michelle Ramsay while she was waiting at a bus stop. He grabbed Erica Codrington’s cellular phone and rode off on her bicycle which was leaning against a wall.Francis also stole two parrots valued at $2,500 from                                       Corey Francis.

Additionally, the self-confessed cocaine addict snatched a gold chain from his neighbour Christopher Went’s neck as he was unlocking his door. In another instance, he robbed Don Rollins of his cellular phone at knife-point and repeatedly kicked him on an injured leg, causing him to clutch his limb and let go of his bicycle, which Francis eventually escaped on.

However, today he felt that the three years in prison terms which Magistrate Graveney Bannister imposed on him were too harsh.“I beg yuh to make it concurrent, Sir. It already rough on me, Sir,” he pleaded.

“That will be time for you to think,” the magistrate responded.

“Two years is more than enough time for me to think, Sir,” the convict replied.

Francis was given two consecutive six-month terms, after being sentenced to two years for breaking into Keith Franklyn’s home and stealing items.

He was also given one, three, four and six-month sentences on some of the offences, which will run concurrently. An order was also made for Francis to undergo drug counselling and psychiatric treatment during his incarceration.

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  1. Alex Alleyne April 15, 2015 at 8:28 am

    All this confusion just because all you rich bajans including the Government , refuse to put big bucks into RED JET and keep it in the air . LIAT prices came down when RED JET was alive , they went back after the death of red jet , ain’t come down since . How long shall we wait before we see some action on the movement of LIAT from (AtoB) Antigua to Barbados.


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