Guyana – Missing girl found but staying silent

GEORGETOWN –– Senior government officials, including Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government Collin Croal, were at the centre of a scandal involving many teenagers.

Croal is at present in Mabaruma campaigning for the ruling party.

Collin Croal
Collin Croal

On Sunday, he and welfare officer Patrick Ashley left Mabaruma for Kamwatta, some 15 miles away, ostensibly for a fun day.

With them were a number of young girls, all of them under 18, and employed as community service officers.

At the same time, the mother of one of the girls was campaigning for the opposition coalition when she reportedly saw her daughter in the group wearing a PYO jersey. The child appeared to be intoxicated.

Reports are that the mother took out her daughter and called the police, signalling her intention to file a report.

She had earlier reported threats because of her political work for the coalition APNU+AFC.

Yesterday, the girl’s father reported his daughter missing. He reportedly met his wife at Kumaka and asked whether the woman was aware of her daughter’s whereabouts.

He said that there were reports that his daughter had left Mabaruma by air in the presence of the permanent secretary.

It turned out that the girl was in the compound at a friend.

The mother has reported that some of the people have been sending messages to her asking her if she knew anything about the death of Walter Rodney.

Her daughter has so far remained silent when questioned about her activities with the permanent secretary.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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