Guyanese sent packing after ten years

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter spending the past ten years in Barbados illegally, a Guyanese man was deported after appearing in court.

Police found marijuana seeds in a pouch at Gary Norville Lindley’s Three Houses, St Philip home yesterday. He told them they were his but he had forgotten about them.

When the mason appeared before Magistrate Christopher Birch in the District “C” Magistrates’ Court today, he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

He was convicted, reprimanded and discharged and handed over to immigration officials.

“There is a sizeable portion of this population which uses illegal drugs. The last thing I want is for other CARICOM nationals to be added to that,” Birch stressed.

The magistrate asked that Lindley be allowed time to settle any accounts, pack, and buy his own plane ticket back to his homeland.

According to an immigration officer, the mason entered the island in July 2005 and was granted a stay of 14 days. He subsequently applied for and was granted an extension until October 31.

After that, Lindley remained here illegally since he never sought to regularize his status or further extend his stay.

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