Sir Curtly backs Simmons to get job done

Former West Indies pacer now turned bowling consultant, Curtly Ambrose believes Phil Simmons is the right man for the job.
Former West Indies pacer now turned bowling consultant,  Sir Curtly Ambrose believes Phil Simmons is the right man for the job.

Former fast bowler and bowling consultant for the West Indies cricket team, Sir Curtly Ambrose, believes that former teammate and new coach of the regional squad, Phil Simmons, is presently the best man for the job.

Speaking on OBSERVER Radio’s Good Morning JoJo Sports Show Monday, Sir Curtly said Simmons brings “something different” to the squad.

“I know for sure, Simmons is a team man; I’ve never worked with him as (he) being a coach, but I know as a team person he will bring something different.

“Working with him for the last four days — because we had a management meeting and he laid out his plans — I’ve been very impressed with what he has to offer and I can see that there will be some changes going forward. I believe good things are going to happen because Simmons is a serious man,” he said.

The Antiguan, who racked up 405 wickets in 98 Tests and 225 victims in 176 One Day Internationals, added that the overall aim is to move West Indies cricket up the ICC rankings in all formats of the game. But, he said, this will not come overnight.

“Even before I joined the West Indies team, it used to frustrate me as well because I was part of the best team in the world so I know what it means to Caribbean people. Now that I am a part of it, I am going to do the best I can to try and get the cricket forward,” Sir Curtly said.

“When I joined the team first, people talked about getting back to number one but I am a realist. We are so far away from number one, my job is to try and get us into the top four first because you can’t leave from number eight to number one just like that; it’s not that easy … we can’t think about number one as yet, we have to be real about this thing,” he added.

Speaking of his role as bowling consultant, Sir Curtly said the players have responded well to his methods.

“I have to be patient because it is not going to happen overnight. I have no problem working with the guys, they give me the fullest of respect, I do the same to them and sometimes I get a little aggressive with them when things aren’t going well, but they understand that it is for their benefit,” the former player said.

West Indies take on England in the opening of a three-Test series at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground starting Monday.

3 Responses to Sir Curtly backs Simmons to get job done

  1. Donna Greenidge-Grazette
    Donna Greenidge-Grazette April 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Its quite obvious we all know why

  2. harry turnover April 12, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Trinis and others said that Gibson had a poor test record and had no right coaching ANYBODY.

    Simmons’ test average is 22.26 and I am saying that he too DOES NOT have ANY RIGHT to COACH ANYBODY but MINNOWS like IRELAND .

    England ranked 3rd in the Test ratings have gobbled up Gibson AGAIN.WI ranked 8th don’t want him.

    WI are only above the MINNOWS in Tests so they select a coach that is an ” expert ” at dealing with them. GREAT players like Sobers,Kanhai,Marshall,Richards had a chance to coach or offer advice to the players but were met with remarks like ” this is WE time “, “you had your time, this is ours now ” and a whole load of rubbish.

    Wonder if trinis especially, expect Simmons will be treated better and that his advice would be adhered to…..the ‘ mout open anything comes out BRAVOS ” certainly think so,as well as the whole of Trinidad from the comments emanating from that twin Island Republic.

  3. lswiltshire April 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    i am a Bajan, and I dont think that Gibson had any right coaching anyone either.
    Simmons was a better player than Gibson ever was


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