Democratization must not be rushed, warns Boyce

A Government parliamentarian has warned that the “democratization of the energy sector” must not be rushed.

Christ Church South MP John Boyce issued this caution today in the House of Assembly while speaking on the Electric Light and Power (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

He said that if the process was rushed, Barbadians could be exposed to danger.

MP John Boyce
Christ Church MP John Boyce

“We need to make sure that things are done properly so as to protect not only those persons who invest in this important sector but also, if truth be told, to protect what is a very sensitive area,” Boyce said.

“The whole question of the management and the interconnectivity of electricity must be extremely carefully managed, and although we are only looking at the legislative framework here, there is also the technical support framework which has to be carefully shepherded through, otherwise we expose our people to very significant danger in terms of this question of interconnectivity.”

Addressing the issue of renewable energy, Boyce said Barbados has the highest rate of solar water heaters in the world, with a penetration rate of 33 per cent.

He said it has been estimated that local consumers save $13 million annually through the use of solar water heaters.

Boyce also pointed out that about 9,000 Barbadian households would be taking advantage of an energy efficient lighting distribution facility programme in the amount of $1 million.

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