Man admits to more than 20 offences

COURT TODAY BLOCKA man who confessed to more than 20 offences, including burglary, before Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale this afternoon was further remanded pending a presentencing report.

“I need to find out what makes you tick so I can deal properly with you,” Seale told Jahmeel Lorenzo Jones, 24, who resides at Industry Road, Bush Hall, St Michael.

He originally denied the charges and was remanded.

In a haul which netted items valued at over $25,000, Jones burglarized 14 homes and loitered on six other premises with the intention to commit burglary, all between March 2013 and January 2014.

His takings included watches, cellular phones, bracelets, rings, chains, remote controls, a play station, DVD player, stereo, cash and food items. Only four rings were recovered by police.

The court heard from Acting Inspector Eustace Ifill how Jones entered the premises. He did so by scaling walls, jumping over palings, prying open doors with knives or screwdrivers, cutting mesh, removing window panes and pulling out louvres.

There were two other matters which the acting magistrate did not have jurisdiction over. One involved a firearm. In the other, the value of items stolen from one home exceeded the amount which can be pleaded to before a magistrate and Jones will therefore face those charges in the High Court.

He returns to the District ‘A’ Court on May 21.

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