Curtains for Laff-it-Off this weekend

Laff-It-Off is continuing to give patrons a bellyful of laughter this year.And as the 30th anniversary production entitled Out To De Baller winds down, producer Ian Estwick is saying thank you to Laff-It-Off’s faithful fans –– those who attend every year –– and those others who have seen the show for the first time.

“We really appreciate the support we have been receiving this season. People have been coming out in their numbers to see our cast’s treatment of taxes, Remy hair, politics, and other topics. Some patrons who have seen it once returned with friends and family so they too could see the performance for themselves.

“Honestly, we’ve been getting good reviews and this was one of the reasons we extended it to April 12, which is our final night.

“However, those persons who have not seen it yet, or wish to do so again, have Saturday and Sunday, that is, April 11 and 12, to do so before we bring the curtain down this year,” Estwick said.

This year has seen the addition of Janine White to the cast of production director and veteran actress Peta Alleyne, Chrispen Hackett, Toni-Ann Johnson, Simon Alleyne and Ishiaka McNeil, who have had some people crying with laughter and others falling out of their seats.

Laff-It-Off actors Janine  White and Peta Alleyne.
Laff-It-Off actors Janine White and Peta Alleyne.

Last month as part of its anniversary celebrations the company, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Care, treated hundreds of people to the show which is held at the Ann Johnson Auditorium.

Estwick said that this was one way the company was giving back to the community that had shown its support and love over the last 30 years.

“Every year, patrons have been very generous to us by attending our shows. We have held sell-out shows for many years, and this year, as we celebrate a milestone anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to do something that says ‘thank you’.

“That show was one way of showing our appreciation, and through a special arrangement with the Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett, we donated 450 tickets to those people who would not normally have been able to attend Laff-It-Off with our stellar cast. It really was a pleasure to give the gift of laughter year after year and particularly this year.”

Laff-It-Off, 2015 opened on January 24.

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  1. tanshia April 9, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    i’ve always love attending laugh it off although i have not been in many years due to many things however, its my desire to see more of your productions on tv, i think we could realy do with productions like yours to help relieve our bordum with cbc.


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