Family mourns for Adrianna

Relatives struggling to come to terms with teen’s death

Adrianna Sobers was adventurous, athletic and had a deep love for motorcycles.

That’s how Sandra Byer described her 17-year-old daughter who died tragically on Good Friday after the motorcycle on which she was a pillion rider was involved in an accident with two Transport Board buses at Danesbury, Black Rock, St Michael.

Sandra Byer, mother of  the late Adrianna Sobers.
Sandra Byer, mother of the late Adrianna Sobers.

Byer, who suffered two strokes last year and seemed emotionally drained during an interview with Barbados TODAY at her King William Street home, said she last heard from her daughter about 20 minutes before the fatal accident.

She said Sobers had told her that she was on her way home from Paynes Bay, St James.

Adrianna, in an earlier photo.
Adrianna Sobers, in an earlier photograph.

The distraught mother said she had to be counselled by personnel at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Friday night after she learned of the tragedy.

Her loss was intensified by photographs of the gruesome scene, including close-ups of her dead daughter’s face, circulating on social media.

She called on Barbadians to desist from this practice.

“This is very insensitive on the part of some persons. Grieving families need some privacy during these periods,” she said.

Byer said Adrianna would have celebrated her 18th birthday on June 14 and had already registered to join the Coast Guard in June this year.

Meanwhile, Adrian Sobers, who went straight to the scene after being told by police that his daughter was involved in a serious accident, said his only child was very close to him.

“I used to take her to school at Bay Primary every morning and return for her in the afternoon. She worked with me in the market on Holy Thursday up to 6 p.m. She also worked with me in the market everyday of the week. When I saw her lifeless body I fell on it and began to cry. She was such a loving child to me. Today is the first day since her untimely death that I feel myself,” Sobers told Barbados TODAY yesterday.

Yesterday, several of Adrianna’s school friends and fellow Sea Cadets gathered at her home to console members of her grieving family.

Adrian Sobers (left) the father of the late Adrianna reflects  on the loss of his only child, while several of Adrianna’s  friends gathered at her home to offer words of encouragement. Inset, the late Adrianna Sobers.
Adrian Sobers (left) the father of the late Adrianna reflects on the loss of his only child, while several of Adrianna’s friends gathered at her home to offer words of encouragement. Inset, the late Adrianna Sobers.

Neither Adrianna’s mother nor father had ever met the rider of the motorcycle, Kemar Jordan, before their daughter’s death.

The father of the deceased promised to visit Jordan in the hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.

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  1. Aldo April 8, 2015 at 10:40 am

    I agree with Miss Sandra Byers with her statement in regards to social media, Somethings you just don’t put on social media, but one of those suppose to be responsible residents should of more concerned and act responsible and put a sheet or something on that young lady body to protect her family from such pains seeing her laying in the street like something on display.Condolences to the family.


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