Tribute to Emile in song

The second staging of Mosaic put on by the Harrison College Parent-Teacher Association came off last weekend at Frank Collymore Hall.

Entitled Mosiac 2: Looking Back To The Future, the show featured several artistes over Saturday and Sunday, including DJ Simmons, Lee Chandler, Simon Pipe and Adrian Green, among many others.

On Sunday, there was a special tribute to renowned singer and musician Emile Straker (leader of the retired internationally famous Merrymen) and distinguished alumnus of Harrison College.

In his honour, several artistes, including Alan Sheppard, Blood and Franc Mosbaugh, performed many of the Straker-penned hits like Big Bamboo, Archie, Ring Ting Ting, Barnabas, You Sweeten Me and Too Many Guns.

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson –– on bass.
Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson –– on bass.
Nicholas Brancker (right) performing  with saxoponist Romaro Greaves.
Nicholas Brancker (right) performing with saxoponist Romaro Greaves.
Adrian Green delivering a spoken  word piece. 
Adrian Green delivering a spoken word piece.
Adonijah in performance.
Adonijah in performance.

Straker in the finale would himself grace the stage performing one of his biggest and enduring hits Beautiful Barbados with Mosbaugh, Mighty Gabby and Blood.

Emile Straker and the Mighty Gabby in greetings, as Franc Mosbaugh and Blood look on.
Emile Straker and the Mighty Gabby in greetings, as Franc Mosbaugh and Blood look on.

President David Weatherhead said the PTA’s hope was to make the event a staple on Harrison College’s calendar of events.

Weatherhead announced that the funds raised from the weekend event would go towards helping to establish the Harrison College Foundation For Creative And Sporting Excellence.

“With the funds generated from Mosaic, other fund-raising activities and the generosity of donors, it is expected to be the vehicle for the promotion and advancement of sports and the arts at Harrison College,” he explained.

Weatherhead thanked all the performers who had donated their time and talent to the endeavour.

“It has been for me an extremely satisfying experience to see how they have jumped at the opportunity to assist, especially those who spent their teenage years elsewhere.”

Principal Juanita Wade thanked the musicians who had come back to offer support.

“I am grateful to these gifted musicians, old Harrisonians and friends who have given their time and extraordinary talents to produce Mosaic 2. The opportunity for our current students to mingle with and learn from them will remain into adulthood, and will redound to the benefit of all concerned,” Wade said.

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