Man charged for Gunning murder

A 30-year-old man has been charged for Monday’s stabbing death of Erskine Gunning.

Erskine Gunning
Erskine Gunning

Rhondi Ricardo Dabreo, a resident of Sea View Road, St Phillip, was not required to plead to the murder charge when he appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

He was remanded to prison and will return to court on April 30. Dabreo was represented by attorney-at-law Angella Mitchell-Gittens.

Gunning was stabbed multiple times during an altercation in Paradise Village, Christ Church.

He subsequently died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

One Response to Man charged for Gunning murder

  1. Canadian Travel Agent April 5, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    I am a travel agent from Canada, I have been reading about the murders, break-ins and robberies happening daily in Barbados & I am starting to think twice about selling Barbados as a vacation destination. The Government of Barbados needs to wake up & get control of this situation. I am very disappointed in this government for letting this crime spree go this far. I feel for the Bajan people having to live in fear.
    The young people need to realize how this is going to affect the future of their island nation as tourist destination, foreigners will stop traveling to Barabdos & investing their money shopping, taking tours, dinning & accommodations. Your future depends on standing up to this criminals, if this keeps up no one will want to travel to Barbados, trust me when I say there so many more destination that are cheaper then Barbados and safer right now.
    I. Hope the government takes a stand & spend time in Parliament to find a resolve. I love Barbados and its citizens, like a second home. Praying the young people who are commiting these horrendous crimes wake and see what their actions are doing to their future and the future of their children! Think time are hard now???? Hmmmmmm! Think about it.


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