Lawyer mum on subject of Nigerians’ lawsuit

Eight Nigerian students who have defied an order from their government to return home are pressing forward with a lawsuit in the High Court, but their lawyer is not saying exactly who is being sued.

Attorney-at-law Douglas Trotman, who was accompanied by the students, appeared before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius this afternoon.

He said the suit was a “without notice” application.

By the very nature of that action, the lawyer explained, not even the party being sued was aware.

Trotman told Barbados TODAY he had been given seven days within which to file the suit.

The eight students arrived in Barbados last December as part of a larger group of more than 80 who came here to pursue a nine-month course in tourism and agriculture at the Barbados Community College under the Delta State Youth Empowerment Programme.

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  1. dwayne jordan April 2, 2015 at 8:06 am

    These Nigerians need to leave. There is no way I can go into any country and ve caught up in so much drama and refuse to leave when ordered. Us,Uk,Can would have deported the whole lot,,personally,,I would charter a plane with their cash and fly dem all back.


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