Early Easter bonnet parade

The pupils of the Madame Ifill Day Nursery were a happy bunch this morning when they took to the streets to show off their Easter bonnets.

The 52 children, staff and parents, holding an early Easter celebration, ventured through the nursery’s immediate environs, singing and dancing in a colourful parade.

The pupils, staff and parents of the Madame Ifill Day Nursery.

The precious little ones, between the ages of two and three and a half, were a delight,  appreciative community members, mainly the elderly, cheering them on and remarking on how beautiful they looked.

Supervisor Ordene Griffith told Barbados TODAY that the successfully executed parade, held for the first time, was indeed a memorable occasion that might be repeated.

“We marched around the community going through the different areas and we had the assistance of the police. The children enjoyed it very well; so much so that they didn’t even want to come back to the day nursery.

Precious little Easter “bunnies”.
Precious little Easter “bunnies”.
All about fun.
All about fun.

bonnetparade_3051 bonnetparade_3053

“They came back in crying because they wanted to stay outside; but due to the sun, we didn’t want to keep them out too long. And the people in the community were happy to see the children dancing and singing,” Griffith said.

The Madame Ifill Day Nursery presented a food hamper to one of the oldest members of the community –– Beryl Holder, who is a friend of the institution, and who has taken “generations of children” to the nursery.

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