Trinidad – Woman commits suicide in church

PORT OF SPAIN –– Southern Division Police are investigating a suspected suicide at a church in San Fernando yesterday.

Gloria Lalchan-Roach, 48, and her husband Kelvin Roach, 58, were at Church Of Christ, Panco Lane, when she left and went to the washroom. Police said Lalchan-Roach, of Vistabella, returned and told her husband she had drunk Gramoxone.

The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m.

Ulric Alleyne, director and teacher, said Roach worked as a handyman at the church and would often bring his wife to work. He said the woman was unwell and frequently visited the San Fernando General Hospital.

Alleyne said he even held counselling session with the couple. He said the last session was held on Thursday.

Alleyne said the couple was at the church, where Roach was working in the yard. Lalchan-Roach, he said, left and went to St James Street where she bought her medication and returned.

“She asked him to go to buy her medication. He said he will go, but she insisted that she wanted to go and he finally gave in. She walked down the road and returned with the medication and showed it to her husband. She then went into the washroom area where she was sitting with a drink and something she had bought to eat. A little while later she came out vomiting green. Someone who was in a car parked at the church called out to her husband,” he said.

Alleyne said Lalchan-Roach told her husband she had consumed Gramoxone and showed him the bottle in a garbage bin. Lalchan-Roach was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she later died.

Alleyne said the woman recently went into a state of depression.

“She had a lot of problems; we could not determine whether it was mental or otherwise. But she had difficulties. I myself had cause to have counselling session with them. She was concerned about what people were saying about her. I pleaded with her not to listen to them,” he said.

Lalchan-Roach had no children.

Alleyne said there were no indications that she would take her life. “But looking back now I can see things clearer,” he said.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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