Female footballers beaten

Despite a brilliant goal from Barbados’ top striker Soraya Toppin-Herbert, a Combined Women’s Clubs team went down 2-1 to visitors St Catherine’s University from Minnesota, United States, at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex last night.

Soraya Toppin-Herbert scored for the Combined Clubs team.
Soraya Toppin-Herbert scored for the Combined Clubs team.

St Catherine’s opened the scoring with Kelly Molitor in the 43rd minute when a free kick was taken and Molitor got a touch on to the ball which went into the back of the nets with the fortuitous assistance of gusty wind.

Toppin-Herbert did well to level the score in the 53rd minute of the second half when the ball broke inside the 18-yard-box and the local women made an attempt to score but St Catherine’s defended well. Or so they thought. But luckily for the Barbadian women the ball landed on the right boot of Herbert  inside the box and she powerfully booted it to the left of the goalkeeper and into bars.

At this stage it was definitely anybody’s game and Ellen Kokes produced a quality goal in the 75th minute when she launched a shot from outside the 18-yard box and scored.

After the game Toppin-Herbert told Barbados TODAY it felt great to play competitively since returning home last November from Purdue University where she “It was the first game I played since I finished school in November. So it was good to get back out there and run around, have some fun and work on a few things to see where I am at. I scored my first goal since returning and I am looking forward to some more,” the former Queen’s College student said.

This was the first of a three-match series with the second game tomorrow also at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex.

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  1. Michael A Clarke
    Michael A Clarke April 1, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    This would be in Jamaica? 🙂


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