Sandiford-Garner trial continues

COURT TODAY BLOCKIn October 2011, when Constable Raymond Morris arrested Jermaine Worrell, his average height was the same “but he was a lot slimmer than what he is right now.”

Morris was testifying in the trial of Reneko Jamal Taylor, 22, of Block 5F Division Drive, Eden Lodge, St Michael and Jermaine Julia Andre Worrell, 23, of Hinds Hill, Cave Hill, St Michael.

The two men are accused of robbing Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner of a $1 000 cellular phone on October 12, 2011. Worrell faces an additional count of unlawful wounding.

Constable Morris was testifying in the case which continued in Supreme Court No. 5 this morning, before Justice Olson Alleyne.

The witness recalled arresting Worrell in the presence of other plainclothes officers, before later handing him over to Sergeant Alwyn Austin.

He also agreed that he had received a description of the assailant, whom he understood was around “5 ft. 8, slim and dark.”

Under cross-examination by defence counsel Kendrid Sargeant, Morris said Worrell was handed over at the District ‘A’ Police Station, with several officers present.

“What condition was he (Worrell) in?” the attorney asked.

“He had bruises on his foot and his hand,” Morris replied.

Asked whether he recorded either their arrival time or Worrell’s injuries in the daily station diary, the constable said he did not but Sergeant Curtis Murray, who was his senior, did so.

However, he could not say what Murray recorded as Worrell’s condition.

Morris also agreed that he never took Worrell to seek medical attention.

During cross-examination from co-accused Reneko Taylor’s attorney Marlon Gordon, the constable recalled that Taylor was at the police station before he went to arrest Worrell.

Asked who had taken Taylor to the station, Morris initially could not recall but later said it was Austin and he who had done so.

They were both in plain clothes when they went to Taylor’s Eden Lodge home to execute a search warrant there, which related to a cellular phone.

Morris told the court that although he would have been inside the house at the same time as Sergeant Austin, he was not close enough to hear whether he   cautioned Taylor.

Further, Morris said he did not notice any injuries to Taylor’s body at that time, nor did he remember the accused reporting any injuries to him.

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