Four-car smash up on ABC Highway

Five adults and two toddlers were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital this evening following a four-car crash on the ABC Highway.

The incident occurred around 4:05 p.m. on the Lodge Hill section of the highway.

REMM5799The driver of one of the vehicles, 28-year-old Wesley Moore of Gibbons Boggs, Christ Church had to be cut out from his car by a rescue team from the Barbados Fire Service.

Damian Smith, 29, of Ruby Park, St Philip, who complained of pain to his right foot and stomach, and his passenger; 59-year-old Ricardo Alleyne of Hinds Hill, Cave Hill, St Michael and his three-year-old passenger; and Markley Harris, 36, of Upper Carlton, St James and his one-year-old passenger were the others involved in the accident.

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8 Responses to Four-car smash up on ABC Highway

  1. Alex Alleyne March 29, 2015 at 3:27 am

    WOW , WOW , WOW. These people lucky .

  2. Alex3 March 29, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I am not surprised and I am very concerned about the lack of speed enforcement in Barbados particularly around Bridgetown and Highway 1B up through Holetown and Speightstown.
    I have been coming here since 1980 and over the last years the number of frustrated F1 drivers on the road has increased geometrically.
    Speed and passing under unsafe conditions by all manner of vehicles including PSVs and ZRs is appauling. Just in front of the Beachhouse up to the Scotiabank, it is not difficult to see people passing at speeds in excess of 90 kph in 200 m. only to stop because of other traffic.
    Last Thursday I was taking friends home from Zaccio’s into Sunset Crest. I was driving sanely at 40 kph and as I crossed by Cemetary Lane a very large dark gray pickup truck swung out, passed me and cut me off getting back in before the oncoming traffic hit him. There was not gain for him because ahead was more traffic and more to the point the first oncoming vehicle was a RBPF patrol car which immediately turned on its blue and reds and hopefully apprehended him.
    There is no need for this speed and driving behaviour. I drive quite quickly at home because we can. Our roads are built for it but in built up areas and on narrow roads we don’t.
    Barbados is a country where even the main roads in the city are narrow and caution is warranted.
    Speed kills. It also costs more in fuel, wear and tear, particularly on these roads and would cost more if the RBPF did more on speed enforcement using technology.

  3. jr smith March 29, 2015 at 8:53 am

    This is madness ,stupidity, people who cant drive, un qualified driver, un road worthy vehicles,driving under the influence of alcohol.
    I live abroad ,paying visits to Bim regular, it frightens me to drive in Barbados, the state of lots of cars, bald tires, no rear brake lights, one indicator working ,front or back only, one head lamp working, was given a ride to town , with three local who was drinking ,the hand brake used to stop the vehicle. no horn. I made an excuse and got to hell out of that vehicle.
    Why things which are simple for lots of countries become a big issue in Barbados, as like, fitting speed cameras, random breath testing, random vehicle spot checks, arresting and charging drivers with dangerous driving.
    People who get injured ,suing the drivers.
    Insurance companies ,imposing large, access as like two thousands dollars as a starting point on most insurances. Something must be done to stop this madness.

  4. Sateya Ifill March 29, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I am so sorry for the man he was in so much pain and when i saw it i almost cry and thank god that he go out of there safe

  5. Ms Smith March 29, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    I am also appalled with the standard of driving here in Barbados and aghast at what car and bus drivers are allowed to get away with. Some drivers here in Barbados are nothing short of reckless and thank goodness not more lives are lost. Why are cars and buses allowed to drive without any tread on their tyres? Why are so many drivers driving while intoxicated or while on the phone? Why are there so many cars on the roads that are not roadworthy some have half their bonnets missing! Where are the laws regulating these issues? If the government wants the tourists to keep visiting, it needs to introduce laws to ensure their safety on the roads. Driving here in Barbados distresses me indeed.

  6. Tony Waterman March 29, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    @Alex3!!!! Welcome to Barbados, and Welcome to the NEW Bajan Drivers, i Got my Driving and Motorcycle Licence in Barbados in 1964, and let me tell you, There was no meaner Task than getting a Drivers Licence back in those days, oyu had to Know what all the signs meant, you had to be able to pull of on a Hill from a standing Start without drifting backwards one inch, or it was Failure for you, and most of all you had to not exceed speed limits at all Costs, today it’s the fandnlged driving test, an NO ONE knows how to drive properly anymore,as a matter of fact, no one CARES anymore about how to drive SAFELY, it’s just gimme my paper and let me at them.
    We Badly Need, Radar Guns, Breathalyzer Testers, fines for Texting and Driving, and Using Cellphones without an Earpiece whilst driving,
    Unfortunately we might have a hard time getting any of these things, out of fear that one of our friends will be caught in the Net. Nothing gets done in Barbados if it is seen to be Detrimental to Friends,
    The Insurance Companies in Barbados are a Big Jojke, they Pay out Money like it is Confetti, without checking out what went down and if it was legal, because if their customer did something that was illegal they should not be paid, and there is nothing Illegal about that, those insurance Companies in Barbados are a BIG part of the Problem.
    That ABC Highway is a GOLDMINE for the Government, but theyare all too STUPID o realise it. they can rake in Millions on that stretch between the Airport and the first roundabout alone.

    It is also time that SOMEONE, ANYONE look at the Quality of lack of Quality in those SUBSTANDARD Cars being shipped to Barbados and the entire Caribbean Basin, there is no way in hell that this Vehicle in the Picture should be this badly Mangled, unless He/She was driving over 140-150Kph and that i doubt was the case.
    @jr smith!!!! you are absolutely Correct in ALL you have said, but like me, you are just another Unheard Voice iin the Wilderness.
    Just be in you P’s and Q’s whenever you drive in Barbados.

  7. Harry Roberts March 30, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Spot on Tony, i am from the same vintage and agree with you. I Spot on Tony I can still remember my driving test which was conducted by a policeman named Harper – he was a tough cookie.

    The indiscipline on our highways is frightening, I try as much as possible not to drive on the ABC & when i do i do so i do so very defensively. The indiscriminate changing of lanes, failing to slow down when approaching roundabouts, speeding (90k in 60K limits) how many people know that the stretch in front of CBC?PHD is a 60K area (or obey it) the downhill approach to the Lime building has a slow down sign, 98% of drivers speed up, failure to signal when going around roundabouts. The fact that all roundabouts do not operate under the same system.
    Drive carefully

  8. Jacqui Corbin March 30, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    It is unfortunate that you are going through this nightmare Wesley. My prayers are with you. I was delayed at home longer than expected and and passed that way close to 5:00 when I saw the emergency vehicles in the area. I thank God for my delay and I will continue to pray for you. I would like the law enforcement officers to pay more attention to speeding and more attention to those bikers who wheely their bikes on our roads especially that same stretch of the highway. They are four fellas who occassionally take the two lanes from Hinds Hill going towards Simpson Motors roundabout and everyone in traffic has to wait until they finish performing their dangerous stunts for the entire stretch of that road. Law enforcement has been informed but I guess someone has to die first.


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