Taxi driver caught off side

COURT TODAY BLOCKA taxi driver was fined $700 today after his vehicle was stationary by a No Waiting sign along Fairchild Street and he later gave police a wrong name and address when they questioned him.

Dwayne Lamar Lewis, of Lowthers Hill, St Patricks, Christ Church, committed the offences on Tuesday.

When police approached the driver, he gave his full name as Ryan Lewis. When he was asked for his driver’s license and his identification card, Lewis said he had none on him.

Constable Jamal Griffith also repeated the name Ryan Lewis to him and Lewis agreed it was correct. However, when Lewis hesitated before giving his address, the officer became suspicious.

He told Lewis of his suspicions but he did not answer. It was when he was being arrested that Lewis handed over his identification card.

Magistrate Graveney Bannister fined him $350 forthwith on each count.

By way of explanation, Lewis told the court that he gave the policeman his name but he did not hear. As to why he stopped by a No Waiting sign, Lewis said it was so he could make a phone call.

The fines were paid.

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