Rhea’s Run Weh holding the net

If you haven’t heard Rhea Layne’s newest single Run Weh, then you are wasting time. Rhea, the younger sister of international artiste Shontelle Layne, is continuing to make strides in the entertainment industry, holding her own.

Run Weh, released just last week, is already becoming quite popular on the Internet, having only been released on YouTube and Sound Cloud.

Rhea Layne
Rhea Layne

Rhea told Bajan Vibes the self-penned song is all about a relationship she was in at the time. She said she is really proud of her new single, which she recorded in one take.

“. . . Most of my music is inspired by my life. The producers I worked with were having a competition at RSM Studios. A friend of mine was telling me for a really long time to come and check it out. I think they were doing it every Saturday for the month of September. I only got there like the last Saturday.

“So the procedure was come sing a little bit and then they would play something, an  instrumental, and ask me to sing something on it. So the beat that they played is the one that Run Weh is on. Before I could even finish, they were telling me to go in the booth. “So I started to freestyle what is now the first verse of that song. After I came out, I finished the song, went back in, recorded the whole thing; and I never went back to the song.

“I didn’t rerecord any of it. The finished product is what I did all in that one day,” Rhea said.

She is still working on getting it released to the radio stations.

Sadly, she is not quite ready to bring out an album, but she will continue to release singles for the time being. In the meantime, she is continuing to write music for herself and others. Something that she definitely enjoys.

“Right now we are just creating music and developing a sound and seeing what the people like and giving the people what they like. I’ve written with Eva Blaze, Faith Callendar, my sister Shontelle, and many many more,” she said.

And, yes, she enjoys the best of both words, singing and writing, and hopes she never has to choose between the two.

Rhea on the stage.
Rhea on the stage.

“Writing is kind of where the money is at in terms of short-term cash. It’s a bit easier, although not everyone you write for you charge. Performing is so exhilarating for me. I enjoy it so much! So I don’t want to choose,” she said with a chuckle.

Rhea told Bajan Vibes that she was even thinking about taking part in Crop Over this year.

“But I haven’t finalized that as yet. I would probably do Groovy first. And if anything, Power the next year. But we will see,” she added.

At present, Rhea is in her final year at the University of the West Indies, pursuing studies in law, and admits that balancing the two can be hectic at times.

“. . . You just have to prioritize, come up with a schedule and stick to it,” Rhea said.

She lives by the mantra “Never be idle”, so its no surprise that she balances the two so well.

“That’s my primary school motto. It just reminds me that in life you should never be doing nothing. Any movement is a movement forward. Even though you may feel like it’s a mistake there is still a level of development; you always learn something from it,” she suggested.

For your listening pleasure, here is Rhea’s new song Run Weh.

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