House of Laughs

MPs show their funny sides

Barbados Today's Estimates-01The following are some of the statements raising a laugh coming from both sides of the House of Assembly during the Estimates Debate this week.

The Honourable Member for St James North is not in his seat. In any event, this is the Lenten season, and I have given up the Member for St James North for Lent. That’s one of the bad habits I’ve given up for Lent.

–– Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during the Estimates Debate in Parliament on Tuesday.

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

I was trying my best from the start of the Leader of the Opposition’s reply to write some notes to respond to things of serious merit in the discussions and the interventions, and I really did not come up with a whole lot. In fact, the notepad is still blank . . . . I’d probably make it a document of the House. I just have to head it up Opposition Contributions 2015.”

–– Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler in Parliament on Tuesday.

One of the best speeches that I ever heard the Honourable Prime Minister make –– I don’t recall whether he delivered it, but it was in the form of a document –– . . . was a total attack, Mr Speaker, on the former Prime Minister. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Excellent document!

––  MP for St Andrew George Payne in Parliament on Tuesday. 

Maybe it is because the Opposition spent so much time outside of the Parliament of Barbados, when they really should have been in here protesting over a matter that really had no merits of protest for that matter, in particular, that they were a little rusty and unprepared for the Estimates Debate, and they needed a little match practice . . . before they came back into the House . . . . Well, not the Member for St Andrew, because I had to say when I saw him this afternoon, “Happy New Year to you”, because it was the first time I was seeing him for the year. So not him; he is not even part of the team at all.

–– Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler in Parliament on Tuesday.

Owen Arthur

I believe that that is not realistic. The market is already telling the Government that we do not have $1.27 billion to lend you. This is like trying to get a size 12 foot into a size two shoe. It can’t be done.

–– Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur on Wednesday suggesting that Government’s budget would be difficult to finance.                                                 

I am not anti-union. What I am anti is stupidity; not unions!

–– Minister of Education Ronald Jones reacting yesterday to the BSTU’s telling members not to mark SBAs unless they are paid to do so.

I shall therefore give the minister a date of June 30, 2015, and hold him to it. Your word is your bond, sir; and I wish you to complete this project by that time.

–– St John MP Mara Thompson reacting yesterday to the Minister of Health’s announcement the
St John Polyclinic will be open in short order.

At the rate he is batting, it seems to me that within the next three years when his off stump and middle stump are uprooted by Peter Phillips that he will not have any runs on the board to show for the time that he spent at the crease.

–– Shadow Minister of Housing Jeffrey Bostic criticizing Denis Kellman’s performance as Minister of Housing on Tuesday.

We have some teachers who are so untidy, the janitors and general workers are better attired than they are.

–– St Thomas MP Cynthia Forde on Wednesday.

What is troubling to me as minister, and I know to the Cabinet and the parliamentary group in Government . . . is this insidious attempt by some within our community, who have nothing better to do with themselves than to constantly conjure up and manufacture rumours and lies aimed primarily at destabilizing Barbados.

When I first heard it, the first iteration was that we are going to cut them. Of course, somebody quietly pointed out that gratuities and pensions constitute salaries and therefore could not be cut. The purveyors of mischief, many of whom have been around the Roebuck Street area, decided they would change that lie to now say that the Government intended to tax gratuities and pensions.

–– Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler on Monday alluding to rumours that Government had
planned to tax the pensions and gratuities of public servants.

It cannot be contradicted that finally Barbados is moving in the right direction in relation to its economy . . . . The longest journey starts with the first step, and we have started walking again.

–– Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler on Monday speaking to the working of Government’s fiscal programme.

He wants to declare victory when he has lost by every measurement that he set on his own . . . . This is a Government that is out of control on a mission that is out of control.

–– Opposition Leader Mia Mottley in the Estimates Debate on Monday.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Let the record show that the Prime Minister chaired a meeting with the unions and with the NCC and received, in writing, a request from the unions that the matter be sent to the Employment Rights Tribunal, and all the Prime Minister did was to say: “If the unions want this, who am I to say no to it?”

–– Prime Minister Freundel Stuart speaking Tuesday on referral of the NCC layoffs matter to the Employment Rights Tribunal.

. . . Wait. There is going to be a lot to be said on this. Do not mistake my silence for an incapacity to speak. The time will come when all things will be made clear and explained. I ain’t saying anything yet.

–– Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on the CLICO EFPA list on Tuesday.

I have not been elected by the people of St Michael East on three occasions to take them back to “nigger yard”.

–– St Michael South-East MP Trevor Prescod on Tuesday.

. . . Including the Member for St Thomas, who is like a Spanish station, and can’t stop cutting in on people’s conversations . . . . You hear what I tell you? Hispanol going again!

–– Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler in Parliament yesterday.

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  1. Sheryl Maxine Greaves-Smi
    Sheryl Maxine Greaves-Smi March 21, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    House of Laughs, House of Pain…..Laff It Off. ..Pampalam…Bajan Bus Stop…Lick Mout Lou…A pappy show and a ‘herd’ of little children and frigging jokers.

  2. Samuel Morrison March 21, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    some surely cannot appreciate the intellect ab
    Nd the wit which is presented in the comments. Just jealous I think.


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