Tutor charged

. . . admits to presenting utility bill and ID card with false information

COURT TODAY BLOCKA Guyanese tutor appeared in a Bridgetown Court today charged with presenting a utility bill and an identification card bearing a false name to a customer service representative on Monday.

Natasha Veronica La Fargue, 41, was remanded by Magistrate Douglas Frederick until May 15, after she admitted using the identification card bearing the name Melanie Taitt, in connection with criminal deception.

La Fargue resides at #120 5th Avenue Rendezvous Gardens, Christ Church.

Sergeant Robert Jones told the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court that La Fargue had been living here since 2002 and was a self-employed language tutor.

On the date, she went to the Rendezvous, Christ Church Branch of the bank and presented a LIME bill in the name of Melanie Taitt.

However, the customer service representative noticed that when the woman produced the identification card, it was larger than normal and looked fraudulent. Asked her name, La Fargue told the rep it was Melanie Taitt. The manager and the police were summoned.

When officers from the Financial Crimes Unit investigated, they found out her correct name and address. A search warrant which was executed at her home turned up a number of aliases.

Questioned by the magistrate in court today, the convicted woman said she had a home at Coverley, Christ Church but was subjected to harassment and threats from her neighbours. She since moved.

However, a man said he would help her and offered to “print documents” for her, in case her issues with the neighbours got any worse.

Magistrate Frederick queried whether the woman was under stress or had any psychological issues, since he was unable to make a correlation between what she was saying and the charge before the court. The woman said she had no such issues.

“Then you should be intelligent enough to know that if someone is willing to create a new identity for you, it could only make you get into more trouble . . . It doesn’t help you and look where it has gotten you.”

The Magistrate said although he was inclined to issue a custodial sentence, he wanted to “get a glimpse into your life so I can make a proper assessment”.

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