Carpenter gets six months for stealing

COURT TODAY BLOCKGeorge Henderson Nicholls has been running afoul of the law since 1968.

When the 66-year-old carpenter appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today, he confessed to stealing items valued $32.67, including a bottle of Cod Liver Oil, a sweet bread and a chicken from Carlton and A1 Supermarket yesterday.

The repeat offender lives at Morris Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael.

Asked to plead, Nicholls responded: “I plead guilty but I wouldn’t like to go to jail, Sir.”

He did not get his wish, though, as Magistrate Frederick sentenced him to two months in jail.

The facts revealed that Nicholls walked into the establishment and went to several areas picking up items. A security officer kept him under surveillance and Nicholls eventually walked past the cashier without paying.

In seeking to give the court a reason, Nicholls said “at the time I really did need something to eat and I had no money”.

The magistrate pointed out to him that based on his priors, “it seems as though every time you need something to eat, you think you should shoplift”.

Nicholls beseeched the court for a “chance to do better” but to no avail. He explained that on four occasions, he has bought old houses and repaired them to sell, and each time someone had wickedly burnt them.

Most of his previous convictions were for stealing.   

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