Church wants in on Social Partnership

A Roman Catholic cleric wants the church to be included in the Social Partnership.

Speaking today during a church service in observance of the 71st anniversary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) at the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Monsignor Vincent Blackett expressed surprise that Christian representatives were not part of partnership that includes the trade unions, private sector and Government.

15-03-15 The Church wants in -Blackett- Photo 2
Monsignor Vincent Blackett delivering the sermon.

“One of the things I’ve been asking for the longest time . . .    is that the churches should be represented where the social partners are concerned,” he told a congregation that included NUPW president Walter Maloney and acting general secretary Roslyn Smith.

“I don’t see how you can have social partners in Barbados with the Christian community not being part of it. Our constituency is much wider than any particular group, and yet we are not there.”

“That is not fair,” he declared. “I hope that will be looked  into in the future because what we need are people working together for the good and development of all people, and we must be inclusive.”

Members of the NUPW executive in worship at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Monsignor Blackett, who had earlier called on unions to invite the church to participate in meetings, tasked the workers’ representatives to become involved in United Nations’ observances in recognition of black people.

“This is the decade for people of African origin and I hope that I will be hearing from you people,” he said.

He reported on his attendance at a recent meeting in Haiti that brought together representatives from across Latin America and the Caribbean “to see how we are going to respond as the church”.

He told the NUPW members: “I know I would hear a positive response from the unions as we look at the Decade of People of African Descent.”

4 Responses to Church wants in on Social Partnership

  1. Alex Alleyne March 15, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    yeah, the collection plate.

  2. jr smith March 16, 2015 at 4:19 am

    First we look at three centuries of slavery, no one was there for us and since no one is still there for, religion has done nothing economically or socially y for the black race. The only persons who has gotten very wealthy is the individual pastors to all of the religious movement.
    The only thing government should do to make religious organizations to pay taxes.

  3. Tony Webster March 16, 2015 at 5:03 am

    @jrsmith: “Religion has done nothing for the black race”. Really?
    Take a look at the congregation, next time you attend Church, please, and swing and come again!
    The current “complexion” of congregations aside…what say you about the Anglican church’s trail-blazing record, in starting and contunuing to provide, free of cost, primary education to the masses, on which all other public educational systems in this country, were built? Education, is “nothing”?
    While the church (all denominations), kept silent re slavery, and has since acknowledged their failure to fight this as they should have… how about a dose of fact; truth; and candour, before just “swiping wildly” like this? The Ump’s finger is up…in case you have not noticed, sir.

    In my book, living a spiritual life is an essential component of a human , civilised being, whether it be a Christian one, or of any other faith. And of any colour!
    Get real, please…and may God Bless you richly, today and all other days…with “Christian understanding”.

  4. Maxine Baker March 16, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    Too many persons get confused with the terms “religion” and “spirituality”. Your spirituality is the essence of the Divine within each person, regardless of colour or creed.

    It is to the religious houses of intercession and worship that we go with the hope of unveiling our spiritual nature in order that we can better commune with the One through meditations. The churches therefore have a key role to perform in assisting persons to these ends.

    The collection plate is for the purpose of providing the church with funds in order to upkeep some of the physical needs of the men and women of God; to support itself and where necessary, assist needy members from time to time. The men and women of God, as far as I am aware, no longer deal with the money placed in the collection plates.


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