Big polo event here

Diamonds International tourney to be very exciting

One of the biggest events of this year’s polo season is here.

And this time around, the Archer’s Hall Diamonds International Barbados Open eight-goal tournament is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and competitive in recent years.

That is the word from president of the Barbados Polo Club, Wayne Archer, as he gave details on the ten-day tournament which is now in its 13th year.

(From left) Patricia Thompson of sponsor Archer's Hall, president of the Barbados Polo Club Wayne Archer and Jason Hassid of Diamonds International.
(From left) Patricia Thompson of sponsor Archer’s Hall, president of the Barbados Polo Club Wayne Archer and Jason Hassid of Diamonds International.

“This year we have quite an exciting tournament ahead of us. It actually started on Wednesday with two very close matches.

“This year we have seven teams of which there are five overseas based professionals that have come in to play in the tournament, as well as two internationally based patrons that would have come down  . . .” Archer told the media during a press conference at Holder’s Hill Polo Club this afternoon.

The two professionals playing are English based four-goal players Johnny Coddington – who will be playing with CGI Clifton – and Mike Henderson who will be suiting up for Chester Polo.

In addition Kenyan Casmir Gross, who is also a four-goal player and Jamie Le Hardy, a former six-goal player, are also slated to compete.

The tournament will feature professional umpires officiating throughout its duration.

“This year we have reformatted this tournament mainly for one reason and that is to maximize the amount of games that those people who invest in the polo play,” Archer noted.

“So the minimum amount of games if you have your worst time ever will be three games per team.”

The competition will consist of three groups comprising Apes Hill, Range Rover, CGI Clifton, Rubis, Mango Bay, Chester Polo and ICBL.

With this being the third polo competition of the year sponsored by Diamonds International, its Managing Director Jacob Hassib praised the Barbados Polo Club for its efforts in helping to promote Barbados as an ideal tourist destination.

“I do think that we need to recognize that what they do is beyond a nice evening of entertainment. I think what they do is one of the most important things that a group can do.

“They promote sports tourism and tourism in the highest way which gives a proper entertainment to the visitors of the island and sets us apart from other places in the region,” Hassib said.

The competition began on Wednesday and the grand finale is set to be held on March 22.

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