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Business duo wants Bajans to stop quarreling and get to work

High-profile inter-racial couple, Ralph “Bizzy” Williams and wife Shelly, is urging the black Barbadian community to get up and do things for themselves instead of waiting on others to come and take action on their behalf.

The prominent business duo made the call in the wake of a raging controversy related to the recent search for 49-year-old, Karen Elizabeth Harris, who was reported missing on February 27.

Following the disappearance of Harris, a white Barbadian, a 300-strong search party, comprising soldiers, police, other rescue officials and a large contingent from the white community, launched a massive search to locate her. She subsequently returned home safely.

The search response triggered a heated discussion with many Barbadians criticizing the Royal Barbados Force in particular and suggesting that the same level of interest should be shown when black Barbadians go missing.

Following the debate, a similar search exercise was organized last Sunday for 31-year-old Sidneato Holford who has been missing since January 14. Holford was not found.

Referring to the large-scale search for Holford following the controversy surrounding the search for Harris the week before, Mrs. Williams remarked: “Out of every bad there is a good”.

Shelly Williams.
Shelly Williams.

“This is not something that happens in Barbados normally, but now it has opened our eyes in the [black] community of getting together and making a change,” she said.

“It breaks down to what is happening in Barbados right now. Everybody is going on about the Government is not doing this and this person isn’t doing that. It is time we take our own responsibility and see what we are doing as a Barbadian, an entrepreneur and
as a businessperson.

“What are we doing? Are we corrupting our own society or are we moving our own society forward?” Mrs. Williams asked. “We can’t move forward unless we stop looking at each other and decide we are Barbadians and we are going to do our own thing.”

Opting not to say much on the issue, Mr. Williams said following the heated discussion surrounding the search for Harris, his wife suggested that ‘if the white people organize themselves to go and do a search for this girl, that is their business. Don’t quarrel with them when a black girl goes missing and no black people are motivated to go and organize a search for her’.”

Picking up the discussion from her husband, Mrs. Williams said given the number of black people on the island, it should be easy to organize searches when someone goes missing whether black or white or any other race.

She added: “Why do we have to say ‘if a black [person] goes missing, I want to see how many white people will show up”? That is nonsense. We don’t have to be helpless. We are not. We are big in numbers so we don’t have to wait for the white community, or the Indian community, or the Chinese community to do something.”

Mrs. Williams continued: “Within our own black community where there is plenty, we can organize amongst ourselves. We have people that are capable of organizing and we can do something. We do not have to wait on any other race to do it for us.”

Making clear she was not racist, she added: “If one of my people, as in the black community, goes missing and I feel the need that I am going to go out and organize, then I would organize. I organize business all the time. So I am not going to look for Bizzy to say he has to come or to [any other person].

“We need to take some responsibility as the black community. That is the problem. We are all looking at each other and saying ‘how come they not doing this’. I commend the white community for getting together  – half of them didn’t even know the lady –  and making it happen, working with the police and going out there,” she added.

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  1. James Austin Bynoe
    James Austin Bynoe March 13, 2015 at 2:38 am

    I tried not to response to this. It’s easy for the super wealthy whether black or white, or black and white to spout simply phases out like the “do something for yourself” tag line we often hear from them, hence why they are called the elites. To be clear I’m not a hater of wealthy people as the lord knows i work hard for that blessing everyday, but many seem to forget what it was like to have no money or influence as most Bajans do and are too dismissive of the realities others face. The Williams should know that money is power which they have both of. Let me now explain the problem again which many are missing, a black bajan goes missing 1x in resources are used to find them, a white bajan goes missing 20x in resources are used to find them and as a fair minded human you are not to say nothing or think about what’s the difference (please). Forgetting the missing people story for a minute the real issue is that they are two barbadoses that sometimes collide on issues but largely remain out of each other’s way. This event just gave us a glimpse of a wrong in our society which will probable never change. “There goes that business loan is was waiting for” (just kidding)

  2. Sharon Woolley
    Sharon Woolley March 13, 2015 at 3:34 am

    How about working together and forgetting the colour of your skin just for once ?

  3. Alex Alleyne March 13, 2015 at 7:33 am

    The race issue of BLACK and WHITE will exist as long as people are alive . Only the rich and famous try to share the wealth between each other and keep it in the inner circle . Check out the Mighty USA who go around the world talking of racial harmony .The race issue is all coming out in Charleston, Vegas, Brooklyn ,Miami, and Ferguson just to name a few . Why don’t the high profile blacks step up the fight to let their white partners come together to pay REPARATION to the Black race . You all sit there relax and pretty knowing quite well that Black people world wide will never see a cent of the monies owed . At the end of the world we will still be waiting as we are now for that 40 acers and a mule . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

  4. Andrew The Voice March 13, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Just want to ask Ms Williams two questions,
    (1) Did you go out and help search for any of the two (2) persons so captioned?
    (2) If so which one?

    I am not a hater, but it’s easy to sit in your castle & pitch stones,
    I would like to see YOUR record and advancing your race, since I do not know you.

  5. DAP March 13, 2015 at 9:24 am

    If the white ppl can live together why we as black ppl cannot,it make no sense finger pointing when we act and behave the way we do among our own brother and sister.I never went in the Gap and saw two white ppl that have business side of one another fighting because one is getting more business than one another or i never saw two Indians in Swan Street fighting or cussing one another because one is getting more business than the other,it is time that we pull together as one and stop looking for hand outs and let us be our brother keeper,we know that we can not stop what is happening in the world between white and blacks we came into this world and find it so and we will depart and leave it but do not put all the blame on the white man when we are hurting and killing one another everyday.Unity is Strength,

  6. Cynthia Blackman March 13, 2015 at 9:58 am

    Doesn’t matter colour , creed , race , STOP WAITING ON OTHERS . Get up and do for yourself . Growing trend , everyone waiting on the GOVERNMENT , what I want to know is who is the Government .???.. We the working people are the ones affected when others sit and wait for the HAND OUTS be it kind or cash .Get up and start creeping then you’ll be able to run and get to the finish line . Stop trying to fit in God made us all different for a reason I know I see people not COLOUR..But not all do I hate going into an office and asking to speak with someone and being asked the position the person holds .. I for one I am not interested in your position , but then again that seems to be a trend for service .

  7. Amanda March 13, 2015 at 11:52 am

    While the average Barbadian may not have access to the same specific resources that were used in the search for Karen Harris (e.g. people searching on horseback) we do have our own that we can mobilise just as effectively. It is folly to suggest otherwise.

    I first heard about the Harris search when the president of my alma mater’s old scholars association sent out a whatsapp blast. For much of the day, I presumed that the woman was the wife of a fellow alumnus mentioned because the message asked us to pray for him and his family. It was only late in the day when I saw the name of her husband listed in an article, I realized it was not the person mentioned in the message I received. Up to now, I don’t know his relation to the woman – brother, brother-in-law, son, uncle?

    Do you see what I’m saying? Her husband got a message sent out to a school old scholars’ association that neither of them even went to. Goodness knows how many other school associations, sports clubs and Facebook groups of family and friends were similarly mobilized because her family used EVERYTHING and everyone that they knew or barely knew to get her found.

    Did we not all go to a school? Do we not all work someplace? Don’t we take part in social clubs or comment on Facebook groups? And don’t our family and friends have similar groups that they are a part of and who we can call in our time of need, as the Harris family did?

    The power of the community should be the real lesson from this.

  8. Sanderson Rowe March 13, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Have patience Mr & Mrs Williams. This will all be dead and forgotten in a few days time.


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