Two held for cursing officers of the law

COURT TODAY BLOCKUsing abusive language to police officers earlier this week in two unrelated incidents, landed a 24-year-old and a 16-year-old before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today.

First in the dock was fruit vendor Pierre De Carlo Small, 24, of Gall Hill, Christ Church. He admitted telling Sergeant Erwin Norville to “carry your mother ****” in the early hours of this morning.

According to Sergeant Robert Jones, police were searching patrons who were coming off the Jolly Roger boat when they asked Small to move away.

He went and stood beside a police vehicle and cursed the uniformed lawman from there.

Small’s attorney Oliver Thomas asked the court to consider that even though “on the face of it, the offence is one of a serious nature” and one which showed a measure of disrespect for authority, no violence had been used by Small. Further, there was no resisting arrest charge which was usually the case in such matters.

Thomas also told Magistrate Frederick that the father of a 10-month old was “remorseful and appreciated the seriousness of the offence” and that the court ought to take into consideration that unlike so many who were “littered” with convictions, Small only had one previous.

The magistrate replied that they were “many, many others who don’t have any”.

Small was placed on a six-smonth bond to keep the peace. In default, he will have to forfeit $1 500 forthwith or face a month in jail.

When it was Renaldo Rolando Sealy’s turn in the dock, after much mumbling, the Walcott Land, Cane Vale Crescent #4 resident eventually pleaded guilty.

The teen confessed to telling a constable in uniform, that he was “a *ulling ****.”

That constable was also part of a police team which searched patrons on the same boat, on Wednesday.

Sealy was among four others who were behaving unruly on the vessel. He looked toward the constable in uniform and used the abusive language. Other patrons laughed at the incident, the prosecutor said.

The first-time offender was then arrested and charged.

“Why would you speak to the officer in that way? You know about those things?” the magistrate queried. “You think you could go to the States and call a policeman that?”

When asked what he did, the youngster said he was no longer at school, had no job but “watches TV” during the day.

When the magistrate, who constantly had to ask Sealy to speak up, queried whether his mother brought him up in that way, Sealy mumbled “no”.

“You got a lot of mouth out there but when you’re in here, you’re very quiet,” Frederick remarked.

Sealy was ordered to perform 140 hours of community service and must return to court on May 15 for a report on his work.

He was released on $1 000 bail until then.

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  1. Danielle Belle Aurora
    Danielle Belle Aurora March 13, 2015 at 12:45 am

    How productive is it that ppl are being arrested for using profanity towards police officers, the same officers I have witnessed using it toward the law… These laws really need to abolished.


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