Pastor appeals for lasting peace in Britton’s Hill

A well-known pastor today appealed to residents in the Britton’s Hill, St Michael community to end the violence and to ensure that there is a lasting peace in the sub-urban community.

Delivering a sermon entitled Making the Right Choices at the funeral service for 31-year-old Llamar Ricardo James, who died last month after being shot at a children’s party in that area 17 months ago, Reverend Dr David Durant told the packed congregation at Restoration Ministries there was urgent need for a change in the behaviour of some of the community’s  young people.

Reverend Dr David Durant  (top right) praying over the casket of Lamar Brathwaite with family and friends.
Reverend Dr David Durant (top right) praying over the casket of Lamar Brathwaite with family and friends.

“A lot of you young people are wasting your lives away. You are trying to direct your own futures and have become distracted and have lost focus. Therefore, you are going about without a sense of purpose. But Christ is the only one that can bring satisfaction in your lives,” Durant said.

James, who was known as Sherman, was left paralyzed and died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on February 25.

Today, his mother Jenny, his three children Lanika, 3, Jesse, 5, and Shamaria, 7, as well as their mother Shaneka Clarke were inconsolable at the sight of his lifeless body in the casket.

Delivering the eulogy, James’ sisters Shaniqua and Schkeda Riley described their brother as a family oriented young man who looked after his three children.

“There wasn’t nothing too good for those children and that was one of the things I loved about him. He was a friend to many and warmed everybody’s hearts with his smile, singing and dancing,” Schkeda said.

She said her brother had also taught her the way of the streets and that “you can’t carry long yourself a certain way or people won’t have respect for you”.

Family friend Susan Roach read a special poem, while his cousin, young calypsonian Aziza Clarke, rendered a touching song.

Pallbearers leaving the church.
Pallbearers leaving the church.

James, who gave his life to Christ before he died, and had promised to attend church once he got back on his feet, was laid to rest at Westbury Cemetery.

2 Responses to Pastor appeals for lasting peace in Britton’s Hill

  1. kathy-Ann Clarke March 11, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Aww, death is something we humans can never come to grips with. May he rest in peace.

  2. jr smith March 11, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    As like the black Americans, bajans are doing the same as they did 50 years ago.praying and waiting for god. Be aware , today on the american news and a documentary , shows most blacks in the US are worst of ,than they were 50 years ago.


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